Face Off – Episode 12 Recap – Birds of a Feather

The end is in sight – four contestants remain, but only three spots are open for the finals.


Spotlight Challenge:

The artists must create a human-bird hybrid. This seems like something that’s hiding in my closet, waiting for me to fall asleep.


Tate sculpts a massive head/chest/arms/torso piece that already looks like bad news. Laura goes for an old age/cockatoo make up that actually looks really cool. The mouth on that thing doesn’t look akward.


Miranda takes her sweet time sculpting, watching everyone else head off to the mold room. Roy’s gigantic chest mold falls and cracks. He gives it some country lovin’ and hopes for the best.


Miranda is behind once again. However, she refrains from employing the model to finish the job for her. Roy is surprisingly behind as well, leaving the sculpting room with a model with little make up on.


Oh wait, I was wrong. Miranda’s model paints his own hands.


Also, did Mackenzie run out of one shoulder dresses?



Top Look: Laura’s Cuddly Cockatoo

It looks so fluffy and adorable, I want to snuggle with it.



Bottom Look: Miranda’s Grey Bird

It looks like something the cat threw up.


Judge’s Choice: Tate’s Weird Turkey

It just made me uncomfortable.


2nd Person in the Finals: LAURA!!!!! WAHOO!!!!

toonatic figaro kisses cleo


3rd Person in Finals: Roy

Greatly deserved too.

meg approves

Eliminated: Miranda

Only Will Smith can express my true feelings.



Alright Team Laura, it’s time to rally because our girl needs us!  GO LAURA!!!





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