About the ASH Team

Jen and Sydney, taking a churro break.

Jen and Sydney, taking a churro break.

Jen is a Southern gal with theatrical roots. Sydney is a California girl who dreamed of writing for SNL.  Their dreams and ambitions brought them both to New York City.  It was luck, trust and a little bit of pixie dust that caused them to meet, work and laugh at a tiny Broadway Producer’s office.  They became the best of friends, bonding over Disney, Doctor Who, Nicholas Cage and food of all kinds.
Jen moved back to New Orleans and Sydney took off to Los Angeles.  Despite the distance, the girls have maintained a level of best friend-ness that is unmatched.  This blog is about life, food, sarcasm and how staying best friends doesn’t mean you need to live next door.

10 and Amy Pond - ready for adventure!

10 and Amy Pond – ready for adventure!

From the Beach;
Hi people out there! I’m Sydney, the California half of this dynamic duo. I love making cupcakes, reading books, going to Disneyland and Skype-watching TV with  Jen. I’m one of those annoying people who actually does most of the things I pin on Pinterest. You’ll often find me doing the 300 Challenge in an old t-shirt I’ve cut into a racerback running shirt, after having baked some Chocolate Banana Zucchini Carrot Avocado Bread. And it’s pretty freakin’ delicious too.

Sail it like you stole it.

Sail it like you stole it.

From the Bayou;
I’m Jen, born and raised in the Big Easy, but with a New York colored attitude. I love books (real actual tangible books), and my enthusiasm for television is boundless. I watch way too many TV shows and am working on recruiting Sydney to all of them. I used to be an unashamed Gleek, but after last season I am less willing to admit it. You would probably want me on your Trivial Pursuit team for the history and movie/TV questions, but not the music or sports questions. Just over the top of my monitor at work are three pictures of Stephen Sondheim looking skeptical. It helps me work harder. Also, bowties are, and forever will be, cool.


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