Face Off Finale – For The Win

Ok, even the beginning shots made me extremely excited – LAURA!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! GO FIGHT WIN!!!!

Excited Elf

I will say that Roy and his wife are extremely adorable. Laura seems to be in such a better place this season – she’s enjoying her work and her time in the competition instead of being homesick and distracted.


Final Challenge:

Create the maiden transforming into a swan and the evil sorcerer for the ballet Swan Lake. However, each pair must also take inspiration from a specific era. The results are:


Italian Renaissance – Laura (teamed with Miranda and Eddie)

Industrial Revolution – Tate (teamed with Alana and Lima)

Ming Dynasty – Roy (teamed with Frank and Scott, an amazing team to watch try to discuss ballet)


This final review will be all random thoughts:


Now that they aren’t competing, I think Laura working with Miranda will produce some amazing sculpt work.


Tate, they are ballet dancers, not Muppets.

failing kermit

Top moment: Roy, Scott and Frank staring at a blank page in an attempt to brainstorm ballet dancer ideas.

Mark Walhberg confused

Was Alana eating the mold? Why is it all over her face?

mr bean eating

I want to wear that GORGEOUS pearl choker Laura put on her Swan. Fuck, that shit is beautiful.


Team Roy with their matching cowboy hats – too much adorable.


Glenn’s second skin is velvet. He’s like Prince’s creepy older Goth brother.


I’m still not a fan of Tate’s Swan hand thing. Or the creepy man standing next to the Swan.

school is for fools

Damn you commercials!!!!


And the winner is…




Excited Jeremy-Renner Excited asian childrencharlotte


What a crazy season. All of the contestants did an amazing job and having the return of the veterans made us really invested in the entire run of the show. I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready to watch the next season (starting already in January), but we’ll see.



A Letter to Laura:


Since you first stepped onto Face Off, you have inspired us here at Animal Style Hurricane. Your creativity, talent and overall loveliness in everything you do has made us proud members of Team Laura. Thank you for giving us someone to cheer for who has consistently produced amazing works of art with a positive attitude to match. You absolutely deserved this win, and we can’t wait to see your future work.

Forever Team Laura!

Jen and Sydney


Face Off – Episode 12 Recap – Birds of a Feather

The end is in sight – four contestants remain, but only three spots are open for the finals.


Spotlight Challenge:

The artists must create a human-bird hybrid. This seems like something that’s hiding in my closet, waiting for me to fall asleep.


Tate sculpts a massive head/chest/arms/torso piece that already looks like bad news. Laura goes for an old age/cockatoo make up that actually looks really cool. The mouth on that thing doesn’t look akward.


Miranda takes her sweet time sculpting, watching everyone else head off to the mold room. Roy’s gigantic chest mold falls and cracks. He gives it some country lovin’ and hopes for the best.


Miranda is behind once again. However, she refrains from employing the model to finish the job for her. Roy is surprisingly behind as well, leaving the sculpting room with a model with little make up on.


Oh wait, I was wrong. Miranda’s model paints his own hands.


Also, did Mackenzie run out of one shoulder dresses?



Top Look: Laura’s Cuddly Cockatoo

It looks so fluffy and adorable, I want to snuggle with it.



Bottom Look: Miranda’s Grey Bird

It looks like something the cat threw up.


Judge’s Choice: Tate’s Weird Turkey

It just made me uncomfortable.


2nd Person in the Finals: LAURA!!!!! WAHOO!!!!

toonatic figaro kisses cleo


3rd Person in Finals: Roy

Greatly deserved too.

meg approves

Eliminated: Miranda

Only Will Smith can express my true feelings.



Alright Team Laura, it’s time to rally because our girl needs us!  GO LAURA!!!




Face Off – Episode 11 Recap – Brought to you by Thor: The Dark World

Foundation Challenge:

No foundation challenge, because evidently Eddie was a ray sunshine and now everyone is too depressed to go on.  Also, we’re past that point in the season.

Spotlight Challenge:

They’re going to be creating Norse Elves, because Thor: The Dark World is following me today.  Laura feels like she has an advantage, because she’s studied elves in depth.  So adorable.  Team Laura!!

They must pick a stone with a Norse symbol, but the catch is they have to pick the symbol before they learn what it means.  They end up as follows:

Anime – Immortality

Tate – Regeneration

Roy – Psychic Powers

Miranda – Chaos

Laura – Occult Abilities

I think Miranda probably got the easiest one out of those.  Of course.

I’m afraid that Laura is going to get into her head, because she knows so much about elves.  I think she is afraid of that too so that’s a good sign…  Fingers crossed.

Anime is not her typical inspired self.  She pushes her sculpture around for a while then ends up having a breakdown in the bathroom.  Tate checks on her and she says she just wants to be alone.  Later Roy is able to comfort her and get her to come out of the bathroom.  Here’s hoping she knocks this out of the park (and Miranda gets kicked off)!

Sadly, the next morning Laura finds a note from Anime saying that she has decided to leave.  She says she didn’t expect to stay so long and at this point would give $100,000 just to see her family again.  I’m sad to see her go, especially since she was the last newbie standing, but I think it was the right decision for her.  Godspeed, Laney!  (Yes we know her name.)  I will be seriously pissed if Miranda is on bottom and is saved because of this though.

On Application Day Miranda is so far behind that she actually uses her model as labor.  Like has her model opening the mold, cleaning out the mold, spreading latex in the mold, drying the mold, painting his own arms and legs, everything! Roy makes a crack about the model perhaps being a contest next season with everything he’s learning today.

Bottom Look for Me: Miranda

Everything about this is a disaster and if Neville says anything positive it will be confirmation that they are sleeping together.

And, of course, he talked about the success of the makeup. They’re totally doing it.

Top Look for Me:  Laura

It’s also helped by the fact that she chose the most elfish looking model, but it was a total look and pretty damn flawless.

Judge’s Choice –  Tate


Eliminated – No one.

Because Neville is doing Miranda.  I hate everyone.

Other Thoughts:

  • Anime is so sad now!  Somebody needs to switch out her stash for the happy stuff!

  • Tate’s concept sketch looks sort of like Cheetara.

  •  Why in the Nordic Challenge would Miranda decide to channel the Mayans?

  • Miranda is so far behind and miserable.

  • Of course Laura has back up options.  She’s the best.

Face Off – Episode 10 Recap – Grim Grinning Ghosts

Foundation Challenge

Grim Reaper Challenge – Artists must create an original face for the faceless Grim Reaper.

Tate’s looks like a pug. Anime made Rob Zombie. Roy’s is very creepy with no mouth. Laura combined different pre-made prosthetic pieces to create a unique looking Grim Reaper.

Winner: Laura!!!

Suck it, everyone else!!

 Spotlight Challenge

Artists must create an original ghost character that is both scary and funny. This is an intimidating challenge, and I must say I’m glad Laura has immunity. To make something both scary and silly is a strange concept, and the only example Mackenzie and Vee could come up with is Beetlejuice, who is only creepy looking. Michael Keaton made it funny.

For looking so funny, Eddie is clueless on how to make something creepy/funny. He struggles with his initial design, which is some weird doctor. He changes to a 1920s baseball player with a bat sticking out of his head.

Everyone seems to be maintaining a pretty on time schedule. Also, Alana is gone, so no one is freaking out over nothing. Anime “wigs out” over her purple wig, but that seems to be the extent of the drama in the first two days. I feel like I’m watching another terrible episode of How I Met Your Mother with the amount of drama from nothing they’ve got going on.

Roy puts on his midget bodysuit and it is as awesome as it sounds.

Eddie makes some questionable choices on his character. Miranda has a freak out during last looks because her paint job is not finished. And it just looks terrible.

Top Look: Roy’s Midget Twins.

I just want to see him wear the costume again.


Bottom Look: Eddie’s Baseball Ghost.

Just no to everything about it.


Judges’ Choice: Roy’s Midget Twins.

Rightfully so. It was an excellent idea and finely executed.


Eliminated: Eddie.

No surprise because it sucked balls.


Random Thoughts:

Why did Eddie stick the baseball bat on the back of his character’s head?

why scrubs

Glen so wants to be Sweeny Todd. On crack.

sweeny todd

Tate’s is pretty bad ass. It looks like Woody’s pedophile uncle.

Rape time

Those judges better judge the shit out of that crappy purple Marie Antoinette.


It’s confirmed. Miranda is sleeping with Neville Page.

It is decided!

It is decided!

Glen and Vee nearly piss themselves over how much they love Laura’s make up. It’s so lovely to hear.

oh stop

Really Neville? What kind of criticism is “it could have been funnier”?


Between Eddie and Anime, I think we all know who’s going home.

go home

Who would’ve thought that Anime would be the last newbie left??

slow clap

The Husband: “Who’s that bald guy?”

Me: “That’s Neville.”

The Husband: “No. He’s Tom. I don’t like Tom.”

you suck

Face Off – Episode 9 Recap – Sinfully Delicious

Foundation Challenge
A waste of time at this point.

Spotlight Challenge
The artists must create a character that embodies one of the seven deadly sins, incorporating the corresponding color into their make up.
Yellow/Greed – Anime
Green/Envy – Eddie
Royal Blue/Lust – Miranda
Purple/Pride – Roy
Orange/Gluttony – Frank
Red/Wrath – Laura
Light blue/Sloth – Tate

Tate gets all giddy about the seven deadly sins and gets really intense in his design, spitting off information about Dante’s Inferno like he wants to marry it. Miranda whines about how she doesn’t know how to incorporate blue into her lust make up. Laura comes up with the creepy idea of her character angrily pulling back her own face.

Michael Westmore comes around and shits out some more pearls of wisdom – praise for Miranda’s idea, tweaks Laura’s use of blood, tells Eddie his make up makes no sense.

Frank goes all out for a FAT fat suit. Anime has no idea how to sculpt wrinkles. Tate has this weird concept of a man with a snake wrapped around him while the eye of God looks down on him. Yeah, he doesn’t even know what it looks like, and he’s the one making it.

Miranda has a panic attack, throws a temper tantrum at Frank, who yells at her that he’s busy and she storms off, almost crying because she can’t figure out the hose. I bow down to you, Frank. You did what we here at ASH have wanted to do – put Miranda in her damn place. Bitch, it’s an individual challenge. Deal.

Instead of calmin’ her tits and figuring out what wrong, she goes and whines to Tate, who caves and helps her out while he was in the middle of something. I’ve now lost respect for Tate. Roy even gives him a talking to, because Tate admits that he can’t say no. Man up, Tate.

Top look: Laura’s Face Ripping Wrath monster.
Damn the Husband’s night shift.

Bottom look: Frank’s Fat Guy.
It was just a lazy job all around.

Judge’s Choice:
Tate’s Weird Sloth/Entire Dante’s Inferno Representation.
As long as it wasn’t Whiney the Pooh, I’m fine with it.

I’m really sad to see Frank go. He has a lot of talent. And he yells at Miranda. I’m going to miss you, Frank.
all rooting for you

Random Thoughts
Easy on the sauce, Tate. Nobody cares that much about Dante’s Inferno except for pretentious freshmen in college.

I’m a little lost on why Anime’s Greed Character has to be old. Are only old people greedy?

Some are birds.

Some are birds.

Oh shit! Frank is not giving in to Miranda’s whining!!!
Oh shit

Miranda’s panic makes me happy. And Franks refusal to help her makes me elated.
dancing bear

I LOVE the “really?!?!” look Frank gave Tate as he walked over to help Miranda.

I don’t understand how Eddie’s Church head is envy.

Laura’s make up is TERRIFYING. Watching this alone was a mistake.
scared baby

Why do they like Tate’s sculpture? Why is Eddie safe? I don’t understand any of this anymore.

Face Off – Episode 8 Recap – Sexy Alien Circus

Foundation Challenge:

No foundation challenge this time.  We have too many sexy circus creatures to get through to waste time on such trivial things.

Spotlight Challenge:

Cirque Berzerk performs for the group and McKenzie explains that working together in teams of two they must create a dark and sexy alien circus performer.

Laura and Roy team up and it makes me super happy.  Anime and Alana team up and Alana exclaims that this is there challenge and they got it, but Anime is less than thrilled.  Tate and Frank team up, because they are standing next to each other and Miranda is left with Eddie, who I want to call Scott for some reason.  Blah.

McKenzie then drops the bomb that their performers will actually be performing so they need to take that into consideration as they design.

Michael Westmore comes around to impart his sage advise.  When he gets to Roy and Laura he says he likes Roy’s cowl, but Laura’s face isn’t sexy.  Laura curses and it is adorable.  While the face is well cone, I do have to agree with Mr. Westmore it’s not sexy.  Hopefully Laura will be able to turn this one around.

Miranda is worried about her cowl, because Frank said it looked the Angel of Death from Hellboy.  Don’t worry, Miranda, no matter what you do the judges will love you.

Alana and Anime start the episode as two peas in a pod, but the honeymoon passes and they end up like a married couple that doesn’t communicate anymore.  Seriously, at one point Anime says “I can’t read your mind right now.  I can’t see what’s in your head.”

As the judges discuss all the looks, it becomes super evident that Miranda is going to win yet again.  Glenn and Neville fall over themselves to compliment the make up.

Bottom Look for Me: Eddie and Miranda

The texture and paint job made the model look old.

Top Look for Me: Didn’t love any of them, but I guess Alana and Anime

I actually thought theirs ended up having a pretty cool paint job (though that could be my New Orleans love for purple, green and gold) and losing the cowl was definitely the right idea.

Judge’s Choice –  To no one’s surprise Miranda and Eddie

Miranda is the winner.  Eddie is just lucky to be there another week.

Eliminated – Alana

Anime has a breakdown like I’ve never seen before.  Its rather heart breaking.  Neville calls her sweetie and it kind of makes me punch him in the teeth.

Other Thoughts:

  • Tate’s poor finger!

  • Laura and Roy trying to make the alien sexier was hilarious.  I would watch a reality show of just the two of them.

  • Frank gives Miranda a compliment and she interprets it as a criticism.  Surprise.

  • Anime’s sketch looks like a green unicorn.

  • Anime and Alana really were fighting like girlfriends.  I hope they kissed and made up after Alana got kicked off.

  • I still can’t stand Miranda.

  • I really can’t stand Glenn either.  He is such a jerk.

  • I always get so worried when they criticize Laura.  TEAM LAURA forever!

  • Alright Laura time to step up your game!


Face Off – Episode 7 Recap – Boobs Boobs Boobs

Foundation Challenge:
Elvira stops by (because it’s Halloween time and she’s got nothing else going on) to help judge the Foundation Challenge – to reinvent an iconic make-up. Roy wins this one with a bat themed Elvira (hm, no surprise there.)

Spotlight Challenge:
Contestants each pick a genre of art and must create a living representation of that style of art. Here’s a list of the artists and styles;
Alana- Constructionalism.
Eddie- Impressionism
Laney- Pop Art.
Miranda- Cubism.
Laura- Cubism
Scott- Surrealism.
Roy- Expressionism.
Frank- Constructionalism.
Tate- surrealism.
At some point, Tate drops his mold on his finger and needs it sewn back on. Alana has no idea what constructionalism is (neither do I), but Michael Westmore comes along and offers some of his magical wisdom. The shoe seems to be on the other foot this week when Roy decides to go small and concentrate on the details while Tate goes for a gigantic lady/nature/castle monster. It’s as awkward as that description.
Miranda whines some more. I’m going to start a drinking game where you have to take a drink every time she whines that she doesn’t like her make-up. I’d be shit-faced well before Last Looks.
Scott draws inspiration from his dad, who had a “volcanic temper”, hence his character’s volcano face.
Everyone is rushing to paint during Last Looks as if they were Wayne(some of you will get that joke.)
Alana has a break down at the end of last looks, although she shouldn’t worry because some of those other pieces don’t look so hot. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Volcano face.)

Top Look: Laura’s Cubism Man
Her sculpture and paint skills shine in her use of squares as a 3D make-up. Also, GO TEAM LAURA!!!

Bottom Looks: Scott’s Volcano Dad
It was just strange and made me uncomfortable just looking at it.

Judge’s Choice: Laura’s Cubism Man
She totally deserved it. The overall silhouette and contrasting colors drew your eye immediately. Plus, she’s just overall awesome.

Eliminated: Scott and his Volcano Dad.
I agree. It was poorly put together and had way too many elements incorporated. And he had an ugly Volcano face.Random Thoughts:
This is one boob-tastic episode.
I wonder where they keep Elvira for the other 11 months out of the year that are not October. She has to be frozen somewhere. That’s an area of Universal Studios Backlot I’d like a tour of – Elvira’s “Sleeping” Chamber.

Oops, that's Johnny Depp's chamber.

Oops, that’s Johnny Depp’s chamber.

Miranda vs. Laura at Cubism? Bring it on.
break you
I’m going to lose my shit if Miranda keeps complaining about how much she does not like her make-up.
shut the f up
WTF is with Tate’s Surreal Tree lady thing?!?!
I’m now determined to find out who Miranda is banging to get top looks every week. I bet it’s Neville.
neville page
Seriously, lots of boobs everywhere.
slightly overwhelmed
Volcano Dad looks like he got paper cuts on his face. It’s yuck.
Anime Girl’s Pop art person looks good…from the neck down. More pretty colors, less political messages.
Alana, you stress over nothing. Get a grip, girlfriend!
get your shit together

Face Off – Episode 6 Recap – Halloween Comes a Month Early

Foundation Challenge:

The designers have a single item in a box that is supposed to inspire a character.  Valli O’Reilly, who did make-up for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events, is the judge and says that she doesn’t want cartoon-y.

Yes, I can see her aversion to cartoon-y.

In the box are different types of teeth.  They have two hours to create their character.  The top looks are Tate’s Don Quixote-esque hobo with nicotine stained teeth, Roy’s tumor covered reptile boy and Miranda’s kidnapped salve with wired teeth.  The winner is Roy and I can’t say that I disagree.  He created a complete character in the given time and used a cool technique to come up with his concept.

Spotlight Challenge:

The artists walk into a fog-covered studio, where Mackenzie announces that they will be doing a Halloween inspired challenge.  They must take a classic costume – vampire, clown, scarecrow, skeleton and devil – and bring it to life as a creature of the night.

Miranda keeps saying she hopes she doesn’t get the skeleton, but is the last one to choose.  So of course she gets the skeleton and the bitterness is palpable.  I laughed a little.

To spice it up a bit they are also required to add a trick element to the character.

Roy as always decides to go big, but at least he has immunity so he can do whatever without working about being eliminated.

Miranda complains some more about having the skeleton, because you can’t get away from the human anatomy.  For example, skeletons don’t have noses, but you can’t cut off a model’s nose. That is an actual complaint that she has.

Finally coming upon an idea for a concept, she awkwardly asks Lyma about Dios de los Muertos.  It’s as embarrassing as it sounds.

Rick struggles with his mold and ends up with a huge crack.  His cowl is then torn in several places and it’s application day.  He has no other choice, but to hope for the best.

Anime Girl is making a clown that can pull out its own intestines.  It is highly assuming to hear her talk about this in her typical deadpan way. She makes the decision to use actual cotton candy for hair, but, as Roy points out, she clearly hasn’t thought it through since cotton candy melts at high temperatures.

Bottom Look for Me:

So many to choose from this week!

Definitely my bottom three are: Anime Girl’s melted clown, Lyma’s terrible vampire and Alana’s cat/rabbit thing.

But in the end there must only be one and I think it has to be Lyma.

Top Look for Me:

Tate’s skeleton with the beating heart.  It was very creepy and had the best effect out of the group.

Judge’s Choice – Tate and I wholeheartedly agree!

Eliminated – Lyma and, again, I wholeheartedly agree.  She was nice, but definitely not as talented as the other artists.

Other Thoughts:

  • Tate calls Miranda a prodigy and I sprained an eye muscle rolling my eyes.

  •  Boo?  Oh Neville you’re so silly.
  • Frank’s scarecrow looked good until the eyes turned on.

  • I don’t really understand Laura’s vampire concept, but it was well done and I love her.

  • None of the effects were very big, except maybe Roy’s wings, but I don’t really consider wings an effect.

  • They need new presentation music.

  • Miranda’s skeleton was a mess.  But with as much of a critical darling as she is, I was half expecting her to win.

  • Anime Girl is in the top?!  I’m so confused.

Face Off Episode 5 Recap – Mother Nature Is Pregnant With Bunnies

Foundation Challenge:
None. Apparently we’re too good for that this week.

Spotlight Challenge:

Original Mother Nature Goddess that includes a feature of their own mother. Everyone has very emotional connections and inspirational, except for RJ, whose only inspiration from his mother is her 60’s hairdo. Frank is actually having the toughest time with this challenge, having to deal with his dad’s recent death and his mom’s current fading health.

RJ looks around and sees that he’s making a cartoon – nothing close to the other realistic Mother Natures around. Anime Girl is nearly unrecognizable without the 3 tons of make up on her face. Tate accidentally/”accidentally” rips off the head of her mannequin while helping her pull out her mold.

Anime Girl’s model decides that she is getting sick and leaves home girl in the dust, not letting her finish up her make up. The model does make it on stage, and I kinda wish she would’ve barfed on the judges feet just to prove that she was getting sick.

Top look for me: Laura’s Orchid and Trumpet Flower
Nice use of shading and texture, with appropriate fabrications. Her color palette is also extremely beautiful. TEAM LAURA!

Bottom look for me: Eddie’s Mother Warrior Goddess
Eddie’s make up looks like it wants to rape me in the tree trunk.

Judges choice:
LAURA!!!! Simply the best.

You have chosen...wisely.

You have chosen…wisely.

Eliminated: RJ’s 60’s Mother Nature.
I totally agree. His attitude toward the challenge was “I’ve done this before, I don’t have to do it again.” Bitch, you thought wrong.

Random Thoughts:

Why is Alana suddenly the voice for everyone?

Why is Lyma still here????
why are you still here

WTF is with the bunny in the pregnant belly. W. T. F.

Why does Alana sound like she’s coming from deeper and deeper within the Bronx? I feel like she’s going to suddenly show up in an interview segment in a track suit, 300 pounds heavier, and a man.

Glen looks like the Goblin King’s ugly forgotten brother. Magic does not dance for him.
dance magic still

Glen, you remind me of the babe…

Face Off – Episode 4 Recap – In the Dark No One Can See

Foundation Challenge:

There is no Foundation Challenge this week; instead we are subjected to Laura sadly feeding goldfish in a coy pond.  Oh Laura, don’t be so sad!

Spotlight Challenge:

The first individual challenge!  Create a subterranean creature inspired by some underground tunnel.  They venture into the tunnel which has plenty of creepy rooms to hopefully stimulate their creative brains.  These rooms include a tentacle and ink room and a chain and electricity room.

Back at the Design Studio, Miranda complains that other people had the same unoriginal idea that she did, and I continue to hate her.

Despite the fact that Laura is one of those people with the same (or at least a similar) idea to Miranda’s, she devotes herself to trying to make hers distinct and original rather than complaining about it.

Roy goes too big and ends up having to scrap his idea.  He describes his design at final looks as a mess and says he knows he’s on bottom.  Both of those things are true.

Bottom Look for Me: A Tie!

Adolfo – His looks looks like a Freddy Krueger mask that he bought from the Halloween store and then badly repainted.

Lyma – It looks like a skinless cat dressed like a Native American.

Top Look for Me: No one.

Once again I didn’t absolutely love any of them.  I liked Frank’s make-up, but not his styling.  I didn’t think it was really a complete make up.  I liked Laura’s, but again thought her styling was completely off base. Despite my hatred of Miranda, I did like her nipples on her mole rat.  Same with Anime girl and the cockroaches in the wounds of her creature.

Judge’s Choice – Miranda…again. I hate her so much.  I can’t even handle it.

Eliminated – Adolfo.  Rightfully so, but I will miss his little Puerto Rican face.

Other Thoughts:

  • Oh shut up Miranda you probably didn’t even know who that chubby gay man was before they explained it to you.

  • Roy wore a hardhat instead of his cowboy hat and was almost unrecognizable.

  • Of course creepy anime girl wants to get Alana out of her shirt.

  • Oh hey curly haired Eddie.  I forgot you existed.  You look like someone I once dated.  I’m glad you’ll probably be going away pretty soon.

  • Alana has straight hair, what?!

  • Dear Face Off, stop trying to push the whole hashtag thing.


  • Laura looked so sad when Miranda was announced as the winner…

  • I think I may hate Miranda more than creepy anime girl.

  • If Miranda wins again I just…I can’t.