Comic Con 2014 – Nerd So Hard


The Doctor and Amy Pond - Ready for Comic Con!

The Doctor and Amy Pond – Ready for Comic Con!

Comic Con 2014 was a great year (except for the extreme heat and lack of Doctor Who). I was able to visit the Gaslamp on Saturday and experience all of the freebies that Comic Con has to offer, which is increasing every year. Little Brother and I were able to meet celebrities, watch obstacle courses and see tons and tons of awesome cosplayers – all without purchasing an outrageously overpriced badge. While a badge can get you to amazing panels and really cool/geeky merchandise, many comic con goers have said that the outside offerings are just as epic.

This year’s downtown activities included the usual Adult Swim entertainment center, The Walking Dead Escape obstacle course (done by The Husband when it started two years ago), an expanded Behind the Convention area and a glorious Nerd Head Quarters that brought some of that interior excitement out to us commoners. One full day of gallivanting around allowed me to create a best and worst of this year’s Comic Con (that I was able to experience).

You’re The Best…Around

  1. Panels and Autographs – For FREE! (sometimes)
    So close, and far

    So close, and still…so far

    Little Brother is a HUGE Walking Dead Head. While we didn’t get into San Diego until about 1:00AM the night before, he insisted that we leave for Comic Con no later than 8:45AM to try and squeeze our way into Nerd HQ’s Walking Dead panel. While we didn’t make it (and he has not let me forget), this offering was one of the best around. I did make up for it by rushing him over to the costume contest being judged by Norman Reedus.

    We also had the awesome pleasure of meeting and grabbing the autographs of the cast of Workaholics.  It was completely free, and we stood in line for about an hour, but it gave us a chance to people watch and get some awesome pictures of costumes.  Little Brother is also a big Workaholics fan, so he was wiggin’ out while in line and had the biggest grin when we got our autographs!

  2. Let’s Get PhysicalDSC00985Zombies, Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Godzilla, Adventure Time, Comedy Central Laser Tag…take your pick! The space outside allowed marketers to dream big, and indeed they went big. The yearly Walking Dead Escape obstacle course in Petco Park has adjusted to start at dusk and run into the night. The team promoting Assassin’s Creed went all out by allowing wanna-be Assassins to run from rooftop to rooftop, dodge cannon balls and make a leap of faith from a tower. Bonus: Most Assassin cosplayers costumes were too bulky to allow them to do the course successfully. They spent most of the time falling onto the pads below. I think this is secretly why they created it.


  3. Photo Ops!DSC00976DSC00972

    I could not believe how many opportunities there were this year to take amazing pictures. Marketers took full advantage of Instagram and hashtaging, allowing attendees to post their pictures and immediately to be featured on giant screens rotating with others who have hashtagged their photos. It was a great way to interact and see who else has taken their photo that day. And who doesn’t want a selfie as a building climbing superhero?

There are worse things I could do…

  1. Annual Zombie Walk OrganizationDSC01055There was an unfortunate accident at this year’s annual Zombie Walk through downtown, which ended the walk early for our party. One person was rushed to the hospital, and the culprit was caught immediately. I strongly feel that this accident could have been avoided with some better coordination and organization to ensure the entire zombie parade was looked after, not just the first three quarters of it.
  2. Into the Mist
    So much nerd sweat

    So much nerd sweat

    It was hot at Comic Con. REALLY hot. I could only imagine how those cosplayers in leather, jackets, masks and layers of plastic were drenched in sweat by the end of the day. A very helpful and lovely addition to many of these outdoor exhibits would be to install a misting system. Cooling off those waiting in lines will not only keep the attendees from overheating, it will also help keep tempers down in this very crowded event. Although I will admit, who wouldn’t want to see a Green Power Ranger try to take on Batman out of heat rage?


Bonus Best: The Old Spice Robot and their SWAG

A sarcastic robot heckling everyone (“Hey there, Banana Man. I see you, Banana Man. Why won’t you come talk to me, Banana Man?”), paired with several women handing out travel sized Old Spice Deodorant made for the best SWAG there. They brought this Comic Con crowd what they needed most – deodorant. I’ve never seen so many women grab these to give to their sweating, overheating significant others so fast. It made Comic Con better for everyone.

Blue skadoo, we can too!

Blue skadoo, we can too!


How You Met My Rage

Dear HIMYM Sorry Excuses for Writers,

If I wanted to have a penis slapped in my face, I would’ve gone to Thunder from Down Under.  This final episode was everything that most of the internet didn’t want it to be – about Robin.  For a show titled “How I Met Your Mother”, it’s messed up that the episode spent 80% of the episode focusing on Robin and 15% on the Mother (the other 5% was about Lily’s awkward Moby Dick costume).  Because you make Robin sad, does that make it ok for Ted to go back to Robin in the end?  I’ve watched cereal commercials with more emotional depth than this episode.

I understand that the show is about big moments and growing up, but the finale went back on it all.  After spending 63 painful episodes dragging out Barney and Robin’s wedding, their 15 minute marriage stomped on everything.  It was going to be how even those who don’t want to grow up (both Robin and Barney) can grow up in their own way.   Not in the Ted and Mother way, not in the Marshall and Lily way, but in their own unique way.  In a way that wasn’t mindnumbingly stupid and pointless, which is what it ended up being.  Apparently you spent the 9th season baking up a lovely batch of “f- you”.

I also noticed that a very unflattering point was that you cannot be happy unless you have children.  Lily and Marshall ended up with 3 children.  Barney was super depressed and was only happy once he had a baby girl.  Ted and the Mother had 2 kids and were happy – although I have to assume this because we only saw the Mother for 5 FREAKING MINUTES.  Poor single and lonely Robin was left to die in the world alone, surrounded by her dogs.  Screw you, Writers.  Families come in all shapes and sizes, and not every family wants, needs or has children.

It’s exhausting being this angry, but thank God for the internet.  Someone out there who actually understood the audience for this entire freaking show put together the right ending.

It’s beautiful, lovely, short and sums up everything we’ve been hoping for.  There’s no “it’s ok to go bang Aunt Robin…again.”  No stupid looking 50 year old Ted grinning with a damn blue french horn in his hand.  Nothing that will make you want to punch a hole in your television.  Do yourself a favor and watch the real ending to a (formerly) great TV show.

Also, did something happen to Bob Saget?



Tracy, we hardly knew you! – How I Met Your Mother Season Finale (Spoilers)

As the last thirty or so minutes of How I Met Your Mother‘s hour long series finale unfolded last night, I kept looking over wide-eyed and unbelieving at my wife.  She too sat mouth agape in disbelief.  Did they really go there?

Yes, in fact they did.

Every crazy theory seemed to come true.  Barney and Robin got divorced. The Mother was dead (long dead at that). Ted and Robin got back together.

What the actual hell.

At first I was angry at what happened.  This is not at all what I had signed up for when I started watching this show.  It was a cop out and basically invalidated the whole premise.

However, the more I think about it the more I realize I’m not angry with what happened as much as the way it happened.  These things weren’t earned.  They felt like the characters being shoehorned into a story that the writers insisted on, but the characters no longer organically fit.

The writers knew where the story was going.  They filmed the scene where the kids insist Ted pursue Aunt Robin years ago!  (That must have been one hell of a non-disclosure agreement for those kids!)  So why didn’t they organically build what was coming into the story?  Sure, we had hints that the mother was going to die.  And in retrospect carrying on the Ted and Robin thing to the point of being ridiculous makes a bit more sense now.  (Plus the death of the Mother’s first love and her story about moving on now seems like a big red flag.)  But why spend the entire final season on Barney and Robin’s wedding if you are just going to break them up twenty minutes into the finale?  Why even get Barney and Robin back together if Ted and Robin were end game?

They could have easily truncated the wedding into the front 12 episodes and spent the back 12 fleshing out the fifteen years that was crammed into the hour finale.  People change from who they were in their twenties.  Friends who were inseparable grow apart when life happens and have to work to build a new different kind of friendship.  People find the love of their lives and only get to spend ten years together before they lose them.  These are all stories worth telling, but only if you take the time to actually develop them organically into the story.

I feel cheated by the writers, not because they didn’t give me what I wanted (though they didn’t), but because they didn’t take the time to make what they wanted actually make sense in the story they were telling.  With a long ago filmed final scene and an announced final season they had the time and the resources, and that is what I find most disappointing.

I think if I had been in the writers room, I would have taken a look at that final scene then taken a look at what I had built up over nine seasons, and I would left that scene on the cutting room floor (perhaps for a crazy bonus alternate ending on the Full Series Blu-Ray release).  I would have ended the series with the Mother and Ted meeting under the umbrella for the first time, because happy endings aren’t a bad thing and the truth is everything that happened to Ted over those nine seasons made him into a person ready to meet the love of his life, all of it no matter how arbitrary it seemed or slightly creepy it was that he was telling his children about all the chicks he banged.  Becoming the person you need to become before meeting your soul mate – that’s the story that I thought they were telling.  Evidently I was wrong.

4 Problems I Have with Social Swing Dancing

When I’m not watching movies with the Husband, Skyping with Jen, watching American Horror Story or reblogging Disney photos on my Tumblr (, in case you’re wondering), I’m often swing dancing. I love the big band music, the style and the fun it brings. However, there are a few things I do have an issue with when I slip on my Keds and hit the dance floor…

One of my signature dance moves.

One of my signature dance moves.

1. Skirts that twirl a little too high
This one’s for the ladies who love to strut that vintage style at swing dances. I myself like to slip on an A-line skirt and some red lipstick every once in a while. If there’s one thing I hate it’s when I forget to do a “spin test” before heading out the door – where you spin in your room in front of a mirror to make sure you’re not showing off your underwear as well as your dancing skills. This is more of a personal issue because those vintage skirts are just so damn cute!

Short skirt

2. Dancers that take swing dancing way too seriously

Swing dancing is supposed to be three things – fun, social and easy going. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s dancers who can’t take it when their follower misses a step. An eye roll, a heavy sign, an overcorrection, the stern silent treatment – all of it. Don’t do it. Dude, calm yo tits. Mistakes happen in all dances, and the best kind of dancers are the ones that know how to laugh and still make it look good.


And Followers, don’t think you’re getting out of this one. I have seen my fair share of Followers who are guilty of the eye roll or impatient correction with a Leader who is learning. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this for 2 months or 6 years, don’t be a douche bag.

judging you

3. Judgmental and rude dancers

I did swing dancing in NYC for about 4 years, stopped for 3 years while the Husband and I moved around with the Navy, and have been hesitant to get into the Southern California swing scene. The biggest reason why? Judgmental and rude dancers. The cliques of dancers that hang out in the corner and only dance with each other. When you do ask one of them to dance, they make you feel like they’re doing you a favor. They won’t speak to you during or after the dance. Once it’s over, they rush back to their group without much more then a “thanks.”

sit with us
The worst isn’t even trying to ask one of them to dance – it’s the hate and judgment those sitting on the side point out about everyone else. Why are you trash talking about other dancers? That’s just mean and hurtful, and discourages newbies from wanting to learn. I noticed that it tends to be those who have been dancing for a while, which is a big reason why I prefer dancing with those who are new to the swing scene. Just be a nice person, and don’t hate on anyone.

done talking to you

4. The Creeper

Every dance has one. The one guy (or girl) who thinks it’s ok to be hands-y and a little too close because you’re dancing together. I danced with one guy who spun me around and lead my hands to go around his neck – fuck no. It was disgusting and I immediately stopped dancing with him, told him that was not swing dancing, was completely inappropriate, and walked away. Don’t be afraid to tell someone off for trying to take advantage of dancing. Swing dancing is a great way to express yourself, but you should never feel uncomfortable while dancing with a partner.

the creep

The point I’m trying to make – just don’t be an asshole.

rainbow cake

This fellow blogger also shares some of my issues with swing dancing, and expresses some valid points. Check out his article here.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4B – Shadow Play

I’ve been very bad about updating after Pretty Little Liars episodes, mostly because I’ve been quite busy and lazy.  I will be better about that!  After a slow start, this season has certainly picked up delivering two absolutely fantastic episodes, but none compare to Tuesday’s delightful “Shadow Play.”  Spencer’s adderall addled brain produced an exquisite fever dream, pitch-perfect in tone and gorgeous to look at.  Anyway, enough of my apologies and fangirling.  Here are some other thoughts I had about the episode.  (All images from Pretty Little Liars Wikia)

  • All of these girls have the perfect faces for this genre.  Let’s just make all episodes like this.  I’d watch the shit out of that

  •  But seriously there were so many beautiful shots in this episode, let’s incorporate that film noir feel more intensely in the regular episodes.

  • Paige certainly drew the wardrobe/styling short stick this week.  I guess they were going for “spinster” school teacher?

  • Speaking of Paily, since this episode takes place in Spencer’s head, does that mean she imagines Emily and Paige doing it?  Weird.

  • No matter how creepy Ezra is, he will never be a better A than Mona.

  • Can Aria be any more pretentious naïve or annoying?  I don’t think she can.  Also, I’m pretty sure she clashed even in black and white.

  • Toby had some of the best lines this episode, but I’m okay with losing him for the rest of the season, especially if that means we don’t have to deal with his dead mom storyline anymore.

Looking forward to next week’s episode, though I will miss the noir feel.  My one desire for the rest of the season -let’s get Ezra figured out and defeated.  A is like a hydra, when you lop one head off two will grow in its place.  Defeating Ezra will be a nice reminder for the girls that 1. Everyone is a suspect and 2. They are never safe.  Make it happen, Marlene!

American Horror Story Coven – I’m the Next Supreme

Due to our ridiculously busy schedules, Sydney and I were unable to keep up with our weekly recap of American Horror Story.  This may have been for the best as the show descended into a pretty big disappointment.  Ryan Murphy, where did you go wrong?  I tried to condense all my feels into four main points.  We’ll see how that goes.

1. We Need Some Rules

When they first started dropping hints about Season 3 toward the end of Asylum, I sent prayers to the voodoo gods* for a focus on witchcraft, voodoo and New Orleans.  I guess the old saying is true – you don’t f**k with voodoo.  Clearly, wishes always come with a catch or I should have been more specific.

Coven was rife with possibility, but what Ryan Murphy doesn’t understand about horror is RULES ARE IMPORTANT.  In fact, rules are essential.  Coven should have set the rules for its world in the first two to three episodes.

There seemed to be some structure within the witch world, but it was never clearly outlined for us.  Rules that were seemingly established were broken with little to no explanation.  By the time we got to the finale, which revolved around who was the next supreme, I frankly didn’t care.  Plus, despite the fact that they had stated rather bluntly that each witch had one main power with a couple of others possibly manifesting for very talented witches, it seems like every candidate for supremacy could easily perform every task, but one.  Also, if Madison wasn’t such a bitch, would she have been like the Vice Supreme or something?  It just seems like there should be a consolation price of some kind for a witch that could do six of the seven wonders except reading a bunch of pebbles.  Also, after Zoe was resurrected wouldn’t she have been reentered into the race?  I’m pretty sure we saw her do all of the seven wonders at some point.  Is she the next supreme after Cordelia?  Nevermind, don’t care.

2. So Many Missed Opportunities

There were so many times that I got excited, because the show seemed to be going in new and exciting places.

For a while, I thought the larger story arc was going to be about the voodoo community and the coven uniting to defeat the witch hunters, but then they had the least interesting male character (and that is saying something in a season with Kyle and whatever Nan’s boyfriend’s name was) kill off practically all the voodoos and the witch hunters were defeated in about two episodes with, to quote Fiona, about as much effort as it takes her to make a Rob Roy.

LaLaurie started out as one of the most interesting characters.  As her storyline progressed, she became almost sympathetic.  I liked her and I felt bad about it, because of all the awful things she had done. But then all of her progress was thrown out for seemingly no reason.  It would have been much more interesting had Delphine learned the error in her racist ways, but perhaps couldn’t overcome her lust for blood.  How would Queenie have reacted if she had found her new friend (assuming that they got back to being friends and Queenie didn’t just carry her around on a leash) gleefully torturing a white man?

I could probably run through every character this way – Zoe never really became more than a doe-eyed Mary Sue type, Madison who showed early potential to actually evolve as a character was stuck as the quick quipping Mean Girl, Myrtle became more and more a character of herself, etc. – but I think the most tragic missed opportunity is Cordelia.

I have been Team Cordelia since Day 1. She started off so sad and meek with the worst powers.  When she was blinded it seemed like she was starting to come into herself, embracing her powers and moving forward on the road to supremacy.  And then she just…didn’t.  She reverted back to her pathetic self until a very random feeling last minute twist.

I got exactly what I wanted, but I was completely dissatisfied, because it wasn’t EARNED.  Thanks a lot, Ryan Murphy!

3. Just Because You Can Do Something Doesn’t Mean You Should

Look, I’m fine with the first Stevie Nicks cameo.  It actually (kind of) made sense with the plot.  It should have been shorter, but whatever.  It’s the second cameo that really drove this home.  You do not need seven minutes of Stevie Nicks “singing” about the Seven Wonders in the episode where you need to WRAP EVERYTHING UP.  You need every precious second of your finale and this was just a waste.

4. Cut your darlings!  (Or integrate them)

Patti Lupone almost falls into category 3, but thinking about it I think she fits better here.  With both Patti and Mare Winningham it was clear that Ryan Murphy wanted to work with them more than had a clear idea of what their character would be and how it would function into the story as a whole.  Winningham made for a fantastic unexpected villain who got about half an episode.  That’s totally fine if the consequences of her actions had any bearing what so ever on the rest of the plot.  Sadly, it didn’t.  So I say cut it.

Lupone (who full disclosure I do not like at all) could have added an interesting outside element for the coven to battle – religious fundamentalism.  There could have been interesting commentary on religious tolerance or religious hypocrisy.  Instead she gave her son an enema, sang off key, killed her husband with some bees, killed her son with a pillow and was promptly choked on some bleach.  Had Nan not died a few minutes later, perhaps her actions would have had some bearing on the plot.  Wouldn’t it have been so much more interesting had Fiona and Marie thought Nan was innocent, but when they tried to offer her as an innocent soul Papa Legba rejected her, because she killed Lupone?  Serious, any connection to the rest of the plot would have helped.

But what’s done is done.  I didn’t hate it.  I just didn’t love it as much as I wanted (expected) to.

Time to say goodbye (or good riddance) to Coven and brace ourselves for Season 4.

* This is false.  I am a good New Orleans girl and I would never mess with voodoo for such silly reasons.

Roadtrippin’ – Questions from Pretty Little Liars 4B Episode 2

Sadly, this episode of Pretty Little Liars was a bit of a snoozefest, but no need to fear the first couple of episodes are always a little slow before the show really gets going (and judging from next week’s preview it will really get going soon).  Regardless, here are a few questions and observations.

I don’t think there was anything Aria wore in this episode that made me want to gouge my eyes out.

I’m not sure if it’s just because the actress is better or what, but it seems the older Ali gets the more she acts like a normal person and not just some bitchy 50 year old trapped in a teenage body.

What was Ezra’s plan if Ashley hadn’t gotten that phone call?  Was he going to make an excuse to put the work in Hannah’s room or just knock her out?  What was he going to do if she found him going through Hannah’s stuff?  He had no way of knowing how long that phone call was going to be.  Unless, it was another member of Team A that he had specifically employed to make the phone call.  That would explain the confusion about the apartment number and needing Ashley to get the super’s number.  Head cannon accepted.

Why doesn’t Aria just tell the girls she’s back with Ezra?  They seem supportive.  What’s the point in hiding? Also, even with the knowledge that Ezra is A this storyline lost it’s steam in Season 1B.

I want to stab Caleb in his pretty little English, Welsh, Czech, Swedish and Cherokee descended face for hurting Hannah.  Especially since he broke up with her for a dead girl and a really shitty show.  Also, Hannah you deserve better than that bald scarecrow looking faux cowboy.

I am pretty sure this is not the first time Emily’s car (that she mysteriously won at a dance) GPS has lead them astray.  Have they not figured out that perhaps A is messing with it?  Can’t someone just Siri it?  Also, why does Emily always drive?

I’m kind of sad that Ezra already has the journal.  Couldn’t we have had a couple more episodes with the liars discovering some deep dark secrets about each other and other people in the town?

One last thought.

Mike and Hannah.  Ewwwww.

Questions from Pretty Little Liars Season 4B Episode 1

Today we celebrate the return of one of my favorite guilty pleasures – Pretty Little Liars.  While the episode was scattered at best and not really up to the usual standards, it was a thousand times better than all five (or was it six) episodes of Ravenswood.  Here are a few questions I had.  Spoilers below for anyone who is not caught up.

  • Considering the Halloween episode was basically just a poor written backdoor pilot for Ravenswood (except for one major reveal), doesn’t the last episode seem like forever ago?
  • Exactly how much time has past?  If we are using Ravenswood (and Caleb’s return) as a barometer then I would say about a week to a week and a half.  What have the girls been doing in that time?  Did they not discuss Allison’s return until now.
  • What is Aria wearing?  I mean just in life it’s pretty bad, but these weird red and black pants seem worse than usual.
  • Did Ezra need to be quite so shady all the time?  I LOVE that Ezra is A (don’t go back on that one, Marlene!) and I love the little things that they add in to highlight this (the Jekyll and Hyde lesson and the highlighted Evil Under the Sun book cover spring to mind), but dude needs to stop acting so shady all the time.  That was the fun of him being A.  He was this perfect guy and then all of a sudden you’re blindsided by this intense evil.  They dialed it back a bit by the end of the episode, but the music certainly wasn’t doing him any favors.  Making Ezra just be Ezra will make those moments where he shows his true face (like in the confrontation with Mona) even more powerful.
  • Speaking of Mona, I know the hashtag ABCFamily was pushing was #MonaKnows, but does she really?  If so, what does she know?  Also, how does she know it?  Why doesn’t she know it until now?  What was her endgame in confronting Ezra?  Lots of questions that will hopefully be answered soon.
  • Didn’t Mrs. DiLaurentis say last season that Jason was restoring his Grandmother’s house in North (or maybe South) Carolina?  Is he done?  Why is he on a road trip now?
  • Why is Spencer’s dad so into shutting down Radley? Spencer did not seem so into the idea.
  • Why is Toby’s hair so puffy?  And when did I start kind of hating Spoby?  Move on Spencer, you can do better.
  • Why does Caleb have to be so shady about Ravenswood?  Why couldn’t he just say, “Hey, Hanna, it seems I have some deep family roots in Ravenswood and you know how I grew up a foster kid so I am really interested in family now that I know mine and really want to check this out.  It might be a little while and you need to be there for your mom since she just got out of jail and all, but we’ll totally skype and it’s a short trip so I can visit sometimes, but I love you and am absolutely not cheating on you with the annoying runaway girl.”?
  • Was there like a weird club of narcissistic blondes?  Seems this new Sara girl is right in the vein of Allison and Cece?  Are there more?  Do they meet and trade notes on how to be the bitchiest?
  • Was it really necessary to make Sara’s story almost exactly like Allison’s?  I think your audience can draw parallels without having Hanna and Emily sitting across from fakeHanna and fakeEmily.

2014 Resolutions, or Things I’m Motivated To Do For About A Month

Jen and I have ended 2013 being extremely busy and grateful for a wild year. Jen is currently cavorting around Walt Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (so much nerd jealousy), so I’ve taken it upon myself to post some resolutions.

1. Visit Jen in New Orleans

This amount of fabulous can only happen once a year.  Maybe twice.

This amount of fabulous can only happen once a year. Maybe twice.

Jen was able to come out to California and wreck havoc all across SoCal. Now it’s my turn to try and keep up with her New Orleanian liver.

2. Be more organized

Probably won't make it too far.

Probably won’t make it too far.

I’ve got a calendar for my personal stuff, work stuff, bills stuff, blog stuff and dinner stuff. Let’s see how well I can maintain them.

3. Read more books

Just some light reading.

Just some light reading.

As of 1/1/2014, I want to read – Gone Girl (by Gillian Flynn), The Flying Greek (by Col. Steve Pisanos), The Song of the Quarkbeast (by Jasper Fford), The Eye of Zoltar (by Jasper Fford), The Kingdom Keepers (by Ridley Pearson), A Casual Vacancy (by JK Rowling)…and that’s just for January!

4. Visit Walt Disney World and freak out over the new Fantasyland

Excited asian children

Jen has been sending me pictures of new Fantasyland, and I’m trying my hardest to teleport myself over there. There is a Rapunzel themed bathroom. I need to go.

5. Get back into swing dancing

awkward-danceDid it for 4 years while living in NYC. I think it’s time to get back into doing swing. It also helps that Disneyland offers swing dancing every Friday and Saturday evening. Just sayin’.

6.  Try to make it through Saving Mr. Banks without crying.


Yes, it’ll probably take me all of 2014 to be able to watch it with a minimal amount of Kleenex.  I’ve seen it twice now, and I cried more the second time than I did the first.

American Horror Story – Episode 8 – Blessed Bullets and Enemas

All Ryan Murphy shows get a little wonky in the middle.  He has a lot of great ideas and usually by the end they’ve all together, but generally right around this point it’s a bit of a mess.  Sadly, Coven is no exception.  The episode was uneven, but there were some highlights.

Not so much…

  • Zoe continues to be lame.

Can we just be done with Zoe?  I mean I know no one dies on this show, but can we just kill her in some permanent way or she needs to become the Supreme and be a total badass.  Something needs to happen.  Right now she just bores me.

  • Patti Lupone is the worst.

Not a huge Patti Lupone fan.  My wife was unable to understand Sweeney Todd the first time we saw it due to her unintelligible singing, and I have yet to forgive her.  But really I don’t think any actress could have pulled off that incredibly awkward scene.  I mean what is Ryan Murphy trying to say about single mothers? (I’m sure he’s not trying to say anything it just seems weird that both single mothers abuse their sons, sexually or emotionally.)

 Love it!

  • Misty finally joins the Coven!

Even though Lily Rabe’s accent makes me want to stab my inner ears with a sharpened candy cane (seriously has she never met a Cajun person?!) I enjoy Misty Day and am happy to get her out of the swamp and interacting with people other than Zoe.

  • Fiona’s Attempted Murder

I liked how this was handled, perfectly playing on all Fiona’s worst fears and deepest desires, but what I really loved was how Fiona was practically glowing with pride that her daughter witched up and started to become the badass we all know she is meant to be.

  • Patti LuPone dying

I giggled.  I know that makes me a bad person.  I also yelled at the TV when they brought her back.  Boo!

  • Head in a Box

I guess this was kind of spoiled on the cover of Entertainment Weekly a couple of weeks ago, but still a fun reveal.