Line Cutting

Don't cut in line.  I just might cut your face.

Don’t cut in line. I just might cut your face.

So, the Animal Style Hurricane team (aka Jen and I) were in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland the other week. The line wasn’t too massive and it was actually moving pretty quickly. We were minding our own business and moving on up when we passed two tween girls standing to the side, obviously looking for the rest of their party. Multiple people had passed them by, and they were not paying attention, so we moved past them so as not to impede the rest of the traffic. Two minutes later, the tweens came pushing past, squealing their excuse me’s, and BLAM – stopped in front of us. Being the passive aggressive people Jen and I are when dealing with impolite strangers, we did what was logical – we formed a human barrier to prevent them from staying in one spot and cutting again, forcing them to stay in front of us and move with the line. Despite their desperate neck craning and whining to each other, the rest of their party never showed up, and they happily rode Space Mountain without them.

Screw you, Mom!  Goofy's watching us instead!

Screw you, Mom! Goofy’s watching us instead!

There needs to be some etiquette established in any line in any amusement park – do not cut. It’s an unspoken rule that’s been passed down since the beginning of amusement fairs in Medieval England, where you were booed out of line with a proper “Nay! Nay I say to thee! Thou shall stand amonst the others till thy turn is upon thee!” A mixture of food particles and feces were then thrown at you until you moved. Why this is no longer considered acceptable, I’ll never understand. I have waited in my place for a chance to experience whatever is at the end of this queue, so help me if you try to get in my way.


Now, I understand if you’re standing in line and your dad ran out to grab you and your brother and your mom some drinks because it’s hot as balls outside. There are tactics you can use to steer the situation away from “cutting in line” to “waiting for a member of my party to come back.” You would be amazed at how a few simple tricks can get you from being the most hated person in line, to someone others may even try to help out.

1. Don’t assume people will give you your spot back…or even assume people will wait for you to realize the line is moving. People WILL pass you and will NOT be ok with giving you your spot back. Some are not as passive aggressive as Jen and I, and will make a public mockery of you and your heathen ways.

2. Use your cell phone. I know this may come as a surprise, but your phone isn’t just for Instagraming photos and Tweeting. This is the cell phone’s true purpose! To contact someone who is not in front of you! Text, call, use a pulsating flashlight (we actually saw someone using that technique) to get in touch with the person who is not in line. Those futuristic pocket communicators can be so handy sometimes.

3. Actually talk to the people behind you. “I’m sorry, I’m looking for my sister” is a way to get me to not stab you. Now I’m informed of your situation, and no longer feel that my head is blocking your view as you stand on tiptoe to see behind us. I may have even experienced a similar situation, and may even help you keep an eye out for her. Hell, maybe we’ll all go out for drinks after the ride and end up being the godparents to your sister’s baby. The point is, if you establish a human connection with the people behind you, you are no longer inconveniencing them, but are asking for their understanding.


Face Off – Episode 3 Recap – Terrifying Whimsy

Foundation challenge
Inspired by Insidious Chapter 2, the contestants must transform their male model into a female demon. As Alana correctly put it, “a demon drag challenge.” Roy had the brilliant idea to vacuum seal plastic over a female head cast and use that over the male model’s painted face to alter his entire face. Bald dude with the shark tooth necklace made a very creepy white to black geometric looking demon. Roy won the foundation challenge, as he should have.

Spotlight Challenge – Double Elimination

Challenge this week is to use Mother Goose stories as inspiration for modern characters, with a whimsical twist. Contestants are paired up, but get to pick their own partners.

Roy goes all fangirl and screams out that he picks RJ, like he’s freaking Katniss volunteering for the Hunger Games. Laura teams up with Frank, Anime chick pairs with Alana, and we really don’t care about anyone else.

Alfonso gets all Puerto Rican flustered (I married one. It’s a thing that actually happens.) Lucky for him, Laura comes and saves the day for him by helping him pry out his mold.

Michael Westmore gives some awkward advise about Alana and Anime girl’s pig boobs. Apparently, they weren’t pointy enough.

Bottom Look: Eric and Shark Tooth Crooked Man

He just looked like Freddy Kruger’s brother. Who was hit by a bus.
Crooked man

Top Look: RJ and Roy’s Cat/Fiddle

Since the challenge was whimsical Mother Goose characters, this embodied everything about that challenge. Damn them and their creative fabrication.
cat fiddle

Judge’s Choice: Tate and Miranda’s Pumpkin Eater. Miranda won.

I don’t agree. That thing was frightening, not whimsical. I will probably have a nightmare about that thing tonight.
pumpkin eater

Eliminated: Shark Tooth and Eric.

As long as it wasn’t Laura, I was happy to see any of them go home.

Random Thoughts:
In honor of the VMAs, all of my reactions are brought to you by Taylor Swift.

Why does Glenn’s bottom half look completely different from his top half? He looks like he was sculpted by two different people.
confused taylor

“This little piggie sizzles.” Ew, Neville Page. Ew.
taylor swift what

Noooooooo! Laura (and Frank) are on bottom looks!!
Absurd taylor

Oh no, Little Brother screwed up. Again.
angry taylor

Not Laura, not Laura, not Laura, not Laura….

Screwed up enough to get eliminated. Yikes.
whew taylor

Face Off – Episode 2 Recap – Robbed Again

Foundation Challenge:

None this week.  We’re jumping right in!

Spotlight Challenge:

The designers are tasked with creating a Frankenstein’s monster and his bride from the future.  The top characters will be featured in Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights event. They are randomly put into teams.

Miranda immediately shows her true colors by being extremely condescending to the two newbies assigned to her team.  She honestly just rubs me the wrong way.

Poor Laura gets put with Alana and that horrible girl who I just can’t deal with and continues to be completely lovely.

The guest judge is the guy who did the Underworld series and a new movie called I, Frankenstein, which looks like it might be just adding Frankenstein’s monster into the already existing franchise.  He has this incredibly raspy voice and looks like he should be the villain in the next Riddick movie.

There are lots of emotions and bitchiness happens.

Bottom Look for Me: Miranda, Sam and Eddie

What was that?  Why were they dressed like a weird Futuristic Zombie Dominatrix?

Top Look for Me: Alana, Laura and Stupid Face Anime

I think they had the most unified look with the most clean and professional work.  They were also instantly recognizable, but still a new take.

Judge’s Choice – Alana, Laura and Stupid Face Anime!!!!

But the top winner is Alana and that is just bullshit.

Laura!!, the annoying red head and she who shall not be named.

Laura!!, the annoying red head and she who shall not be named.

Eliminated – Sam (if you can even remember who that is).

I think they were right on again with the elimination.  Her swollen bulb head Bride of Frankenstein was clearly the bottom.  In terms of seeing her go I honestly have no emotions about this.  I agree with the judge’s decision and probably won’t remember this person (Sam, was it?) by next episode.

Other Thoughts:

  • With all the plastic surgery, Mackenzie kind of looks like Bride of Frankenstein.


  • Insidious 2 is kind of ubiquitous right now.  There seemed to be about 19 commercials for it during the show, but my favorite ad is still the product placement from Pretty Little Liars that went something like this:

(Trailer plays on the TV)

Main Character:  Insidious 2 looks really scary.

Main Character’s Beefy Love Interest: Yeah, but really good.  Did you see Insidious 1?

Main Character: Like 4 times!  But 2 looks even better!

Main Character’s Beefy Love Interest: Great, I’ll bring you on a date to see it when it opens in movie theaters on September 13th!


  • I really enjoyed the fact that Tate helped out Laura because he one day wants help from her.  Even the other contestants know that she’s the best.  Tate’s a smart kid.


  • What is Glenn wearing?  He looks like the sad chubby vampire who ate Hugh Hefner and took his jacket.


  • Seriously, what is the Underworld guy’s voice?  I didn’t really like him and disagreed with a lot of his opinions.


  • I enjoyed Roy’s concept, but like always too big and too messy.


  • Where do they get the costumes from?


  • The paint job on Tate, RJ and Lyma’s Bride of Frankenstein is absolutely horrendous.


  • Oh Little Brother.  Stop fucking up.  We like you.


  • At the end of the Judge’s reviews I said to Melissa: There’s no way that Laura can’t win this week!  Melissa responded, There’s always a way for Laura not win.  And she didn’t win.  Fucking Alana.  Such fucking bull shit.


Face Off – Episode 1 Recap – Trollin’

Foundation Challenge:

The Newbies were invited to a costume party where Mackenzie revealed the twist of the season – that they would be battling against Vets – in perhaps the weirdest way possible.  They then had to choose a member from the costume party and create an original character based on their costume.  The guest judge was the lady who directed Twilight and she is exactly how you would image the awkward middle aged woman who directed Twilight would be. 

Tate, Roy and Laura are the top looks.  Tate did an intense princess who has been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer who replaced her heart with a poisoned spikey locket heart.  Laura did a Queen from the underworld with some beautiful airbrushing, and Roy ulitized his model’s pencil drawing-like costume to create a character that looks like it came off the page.  I am forever and always Team Laura, but I probably would have picked Roy’s character just because I’d love to write a play around it.  However, I understand why Tate won since he is the only one who actually created a complete character with a full backstory.

Spotlight Challenge:

The Veterans and the Newbies are pitted against each other in teams and tasked with creating five stylized fantasy characters – a witch, an ogre, a troll, a faun and a pixie.

The Veterans definitely won. Hands down.

The Faun was the only one I actually liked (kind of) from the Newbie’s collection.  The fact that it was made by the worst new contestant makes me sad.

Bottom Look for me: The Newbie’s OGRE!! 

I agreed with pretty much everything the judges said about this hideous thing.  It looked like something I would have tried to make in 8th grade Art (which I was terrible at anyway) and the fact that Rick the Stick gave himself a 7.5 is just pathetic.

Top Look for Me: Laura’s Witch

Though honestly I didn’t love any of them.  Laura’s work is always clean and professional.

Judge’s Choice – Miranda

Ugh.  Not a fan.  I like the Pixie’s ears, but not worthy of a win.  Also how many cigarettes does that girl smoke to get that rasp?

Eliminated – Rick the Stick!  (Real Name: Tolan) 

So glad that this happened.  I seriously don’t have time for obnoxious untalented minor Glee characters.

Other Thoughts:

  • TEAM LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Laura Tyler

    Our favorite contest with Team Laura’s mascot – Zombie Mad Hatter.

  • Seriously? The Twilight lady?!

I make shitty movies and now I’m going to pretend I’m qualified to judge your make up competition.

  • It was really kind of messed up that they put all the newbies in one room filled with pictures of the Veterans past work.


  • There was one girl whose name I can’t even remember because every time she came on screen I had a visceral reaction of like No, no, no.


  • Really guys. Can’t you do a new example for when they explain the molding process?  I’m tired of looking at the weird alien.


  • Glenn just keeps looking weirder.  Like what is his hair doing?


  • Tate’s Troll had a bloody fetus?!


  • I don’t understand why Rick the Stick is on this show?

    Separated at birth.

  •  Neville is getting bitcher the longer he is a judge.

    I hate everything you did!

  • The Vets are kind of blowing the Newbies out of the water.


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