American Horror Story – Episode 6 Recap – Breaking Stevie

Let’s get straight to the jazz –


Not So Much…

 The terrible acting of the 1919 witches

Ouch. Their delivery felt like pulling teeth – painful and that I should be sedated to experience it. Although their Cesar murder of the Axeman was a nice touch, it still did not make up for the bad delivery.


Ouija Board game night

I thought they were witches, not having a sleepover. The use of the Ouija Board was boring and not of the caliber I’ve come to expect of the AHS series. Before you know it, they’ll be doing each other’s make up and gossiping about boy’s haircuts (is that what the teens talk about nowadays?)


Lily Rabe’s “Cajun” accent

Jen texted me about this before I even had a chance to watch the episode. It sounds closer to Jodie Foster’s Nell (chicapay nay nay…in the wind)


Naked Kyle

Poor Evan Peters got the short straw on this season. He’s been molested, Frankenstiened, and now he’s breaking stuff while naked. That made me nervous as a person.



Love it!

New (and improved) Cordelia

Lost her sight, gained some in-sight! I’m loving her new swagger, especially when that swagger had her caning Hank in the balls. She demands chrysanthemums, opens and closes doors with her mind, and is a force to be reckoned with. Can we keep her this way forever?


Bringing back Madison

Having Lily Rabe bring back Madison made me happy. At least one witch is using her powers nicely. And having Madison ask for a cigarette right away stayed true to character.


Kaylee setting her fiance on fire

I liked her powers, and kinda wish she would’ve pursued being a witch longer. Plus, she lit a wussy dude on fire with her eyes. They made her character very shallow, and easy to shoot in the head, much like her other characters.


Marie Lavoe’s rage

“When I plant a fat ass cracker bitch, I expect her to stay planted.” Enough said.


One thought on “American Horror Story – Episode 6 Recap – Breaking Stevie

  1. That was certainly my favorite line from the episode haha.

    I loved that the 1919 witches lured the Axeman in by playing terrible music really loudly.

    I also love the new and improved Cordelia. I hope she continues to become more and more awesome as the series goes on and I hope that she dispatches of her husband rather quickly.

    Speaking of her husband! I loved that he turned out to be a witch hunter and in cahoots with Marie. Although that means that Marie had broken the pact long before Fiona marched into her hair salon. Also, if Marie is the one who caused Cordelia’s infertility I will most certainly not be rooting for her in the least.

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