Food Review – DCA’s Wine Country Trattoria

wine country trattoria

The Place: Disney California Adventure’s Wine Country Trattoria World of Color Lunch Package

Overall impression: For being able to drink in a Disney park, this is the classiest place to do it. Sure, Pacific Wharf may have margaritas served out of one of those 7-11 slushy dispensers. But if you’re an adult, probably without young children, Wine Country is the place for you. The restaurant is slightly raised, allowing you to sip wine while watching parents push their 9 year old child in a stroller that they are way too old for. You’re also transported to Napa Valley, complete with actual growing grape vines and Spanish style tiles. Hell, if it wasn’t for that kids screaming about needing a flashing Mickey Mouse wand, you’d think you were in Central California. And if you drink enough of that wine, you just might believe it.

Drinks: Beer? Check. Sangria? Yup. Wine? Dear God, I hope so. It’s in the name. They also serve a specialty dessert flight – a Godiva Liqueur flight topped with chocolate infused stawberries.

Food: They serve you an ungodly amount of food. You will not be left wanting more food. We made the mistake of getting fast passes to the Tower of Terror to ride directly after we finished lunch. Let’s just say I had a panic attack right before we dropped, and faced my own personal terror of vomiting all over Jen.
Back to the food, the lunch package was a three course meal that included a rather large salad or cup of soup, an entree, and a shared dessert tray. The food was filling and delicious, they certainly did not skip on the portions. For being promoted as a package deal, I believe we got more than our money’s worth.

eating pants

Service: Service was awesome. Even though we were early for our reservation, the hostess seated us without any “you’re supposed to come at the time you reserved” judginess. Our server was extremely nice, and explained what was included in our World of Color package. We didn’t feel pressured to buy anything outside of the package, and honestly, we didn’t need to. We did feel the need to get our drink on, and I immediately regretted that decision after buckling into the Tower of Terror.

4 Wipes
4 out of 5 wipes. The bathroom is located next to the bar, a bit far from the actual restaurant. It was very clean and well kept, you can tell not too many kids go into this one, which is a plus. I gave it 4 wipes mainly because there were only 3 stalls. And come on, once you break the seal, you’re going to need to go every 10 minutes.