Roadtrippin’ – Questions from Pretty Little Liars 4B Episode 2

Sadly, this episode of Pretty Little Liars was a bit of a snoozefest, but no need to fear the first couple of episodes are always a little slow before the show really gets going (and judging from next week’s preview it will really get going soon).  Regardless, here are a few questions and observations.

I don’t think there was anything Aria wore in this episode that made me want to gouge my eyes out.

I’m not sure if it’s just because the actress is better or what, but it seems the older Ali gets the more she acts like a normal person and not just some bitchy 50 year old trapped in a teenage body.

What was Ezra’s plan if Ashley hadn’t gotten that phone call?  Was he going to make an excuse to put the work in Hannah’s room or just knock her out?  What was he going to do if she found him going through Hannah’s stuff?  He had no way of knowing how long that phone call was going to be.  Unless, it was another member of Team A that he had specifically employed to make the phone call.  That would explain the confusion about the apartment number and needing Ashley to get the super’s number.  Head cannon accepted.

Why doesn’t Aria just tell the girls she’s back with Ezra?  They seem supportive.  What’s the point in hiding? Also, even with the knowledge that Ezra is A this storyline lost it’s steam in Season 1B.

I want to stab Caleb in his pretty little English, Welsh, Czech, Swedish and Cherokee descended face for hurting Hannah.  Especially since he broke up with her for a dead girl and a really shitty show.  Also, Hannah you deserve better than that bald scarecrow looking faux cowboy.

I am pretty sure this is not the first time Emily’s car (that she mysteriously won at a dance) GPS has lead them astray.  Have they not figured out that perhaps A is messing with it?  Can’t someone just Siri it?  Also, why does Emily always drive?

I’m kind of sad that Ezra already has the journal.  Couldn’t we have had a couple more episodes with the liars discovering some deep dark secrets about each other and other people in the town?

One last thought.

Mike and Hannah.  Ewwwww.


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