Questions from Pretty Little Liars Season 4B Episode 1

Today we celebrate the return of one of my favorite guilty pleasures – Pretty Little Liars.  While the episode was scattered at best and not really up to the usual standards, it was a thousand times better than all five (or was it six) episodes of Ravenswood.  Here are a few questions I had.  Spoilers below for anyone who is not caught up.

  • Considering the Halloween episode was basically just a poor written backdoor pilot for Ravenswood (except for one major reveal), doesn’t the last episode seem like forever ago?
  • Exactly how much time has past?  If we are using Ravenswood (and Caleb’s return) as a barometer then I would say about a week to a week and a half.  What have the girls been doing in that time?  Did they not discuss Allison’s return until now.
  • What is Aria wearing?  I mean just in life it’s pretty bad, but these weird red and black pants seem worse than usual.
  • Did Ezra need to be quite so shady all the time?  I LOVE that Ezra is A (don’t go back on that one, Marlene!) and I love the little things that they add in to highlight this (the Jekyll and Hyde lesson and the highlighted Evil Under the Sun book cover spring to mind), but dude needs to stop acting so shady all the time.  That was the fun of him being A.  He was this perfect guy and then all of a sudden you’re blindsided by this intense evil.  They dialed it back a bit by the end of the episode, but the music certainly wasn’t doing him any favors.  Making Ezra just be Ezra will make those moments where he shows his true face (like in the confrontation with Mona) even more powerful.
  • Speaking of Mona, I know the hashtag ABCFamily was pushing was #MonaKnows, but does she really?  If so, what does she know?  Also, how does she know it?  Why doesn’t she know it until now?  What was her endgame in confronting Ezra?  Lots of questions that will hopefully be answered soon.
  • Didn’t Mrs. DiLaurentis say last season that Jason was restoring his Grandmother’s house in North (or maybe South) Carolina?  Is he done?  Why is he on a road trip now?
  • Why is Spencer’s dad so into shutting down Radley? Spencer did not seem so into the idea.
  • Why is Toby’s hair so puffy?  And when did I start kind of hating Spoby?  Move on Spencer, you can do better.
  • Why does Caleb have to be so shady about Ravenswood?  Why couldn’t he just say, “Hey, Hanna, it seems I have some deep family roots in Ravenswood and you know how I grew up a foster kid so I am really interested in family now that I know mine and really want to check this out.  It might be a little while and you need to be there for your mom since she just got out of jail and all, but we’ll totally skype and it’s a short trip so I can visit sometimes, but I love you and am absolutely not cheating on you with the annoying runaway girl.”?
  • Was there like a weird club of narcissistic blondes?  Seems this new Sara girl is right in the vein of Allison and Cece?  Are there more?  Do they meet and trade notes on how to be the bitchiest?
  • Was it really necessary to make Sara’s story almost exactly like Allison’s?  I think your audience can draw parallels without having Hanna and Emily sitting across from fakeHanna and fakeEmily.

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