American Horror Story – Episode 7 – Three’s Company

I know this is a bit late, as both Jen and I have been swamped recently. However, I got around to watching it last night and was left with more awkward feelings than a 13 year old boy in a Victoria’s Secret.


Not so much…

Zoe trying to shoot Franken-Kyle

Jeez, I hope Zoe is not the next Supreme because then they’re all fucked. First, Zoe makes the choice to go shoot Franken-Kyle, which I agreed was the best idea. The poor kid didn’t ask to come back, he’s tortured by a body that isn’t his, was molested by his mother, killed her like a gorilla, and can’t communicate anything. Suddenly, Kyle grabs the gun and puts it in his mouth – he’s going to end it himself – when Zoe gets all noble and stops him. He’s not a dog! You can’t keep him as a pet!

can we keep him

The Axeman, General Creep

Can the Axeman be any creepier? The entire sequence of him watching Fiona grow up has made me paranoid to change clothes in my own bedroom.


Zoe/Madison/Kyle Threeway

I get the Madison and Kyle “we’re both dead” connection, but what’s with dragging Zoe into it? Has Zoe become the leader of the formerly dead people? Does that mean the only people Zoe can have sex with is people who were already dead?

use it lose it

Love it!

Cordelia ordering Fiona to be killed

Cordelia’s blindness comes with a side of confidence, and she has gone from nurturing Miss Honey to no nonsense Miss Trumble (Matilda reference, FYI). She’s directly ordered for her own mother to be killed, which is a great way to try and repair that mother-daughter relationship. With Fiona losing her powers (and hair), I don’t think she’ll be able to stop this tidal wave of hatred coming her way.

off with his head

Zoe killing Spalding after getting him to confess to Fiona murdering Madison

Finally, something Zoe didn’t screw up. Spalding needed to be dealt with, and I liked that she not only found out that Fiona was guilty, she stuck with the decision of killing him off.


Baby steps, Zoe.

Baby steps, Zoe.

Kathy Bates being turned into Marie Lavoe

The character of LaLaurie is used so well in this series – Ryan Murphy will only let you forget her atrocities for a moment…then slap you in the face with a dead baby. There’s something you can’t unsee. What better way for her character to face the things she’s done by being tortured by her greatest enemy? I don’t think we know half of the terrible things LaLaurie’s done, and I hope her direct contact with Marie reveals more.



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