Face Off Finale – For The Win

Ok, even the beginning shots made me extremely excited – LAURA!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! GO FIGHT WIN!!!!

Excited Elf

I will say that Roy and his wife are extremely adorable. Laura seems to be in such a better place this season – she’s enjoying her work and her time in the competition instead of being homesick and distracted.


Final Challenge:

Create the maiden transforming into a swan and the evil sorcerer for the ballet Swan Lake. However, each pair must also take inspiration from a specific era. The results are:


Italian Renaissance – Laura (teamed with Miranda and Eddie)

Industrial Revolution – Tate (teamed with Alana and Lima)

Ming Dynasty – Roy (teamed with Frank and Scott, an amazing team to watch try to discuss ballet)


This final review will be all random thoughts:


Now that they aren’t competing, I think Laura working with Miranda will produce some amazing sculpt work.


Tate, they are ballet dancers, not Muppets.

failing kermit

Top moment: Roy, Scott and Frank staring at a blank page in an attempt to brainstorm ballet dancer ideas.

Mark Walhberg confused

Was Alana eating the mold? Why is it all over her face?

mr bean eating

I want to wear that GORGEOUS pearl choker Laura put on her Swan. Fuck, that shit is beautiful.


Team Roy with their matching cowboy hats – too much adorable.


Glenn’s second skin is velvet. He’s like Prince’s creepy older Goth brother.


I’m still not a fan of Tate’s Swan hand thing. Or the creepy man standing next to the Swan.

school is for fools

Damn you commercials!!!!


And the winner is…




Excited Jeremy-Renner Excited asian childrencharlotte


What a crazy season. All of the contestants did an amazing job and having the return of the veterans made us really invested in the entire run of the show. I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready to watch the next season (starting already in January), but we’ll see.



A Letter to Laura:


Since you first stepped onto Face Off, you have inspired us here at Animal Style Hurricane. Your creativity, talent and overall loveliness in everything you do has made us proud members of Team Laura. Thank you for giving us someone to cheer for who has consistently produced amazing works of art with a positive attitude to match. You absolutely deserved this win, and we can’t wait to see your future work.

Forever Team Laura!

Jen and Sydney


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