Face Off – Episode 11 Recap – Brought to you by Thor: The Dark World

Foundation Challenge:

No foundation challenge, because evidently Eddie was a ray sunshine and now everyone is too depressed to go on.  Also, we’re past that point in the season.

Spotlight Challenge:

They’re going to be creating Norse Elves, because Thor: The Dark World is following me today.  Laura feels like she has an advantage, because she’s studied elves in depth.  So adorable.  Team Laura!!

They must pick a stone with a Norse symbol, but the catch is they have to pick the symbol before they learn what it means.  They end up as follows:

Anime – Immortality

Tate – Regeneration

Roy – Psychic Powers

Miranda – Chaos

Laura – Occult Abilities

I think Miranda probably got the easiest one out of those.  Of course.

I’m afraid that Laura is going to get into her head, because she knows so much about elves.  I think she is afraid of that too so that’s a good sign…  Fingers crossed.

Anime is not her typical inspired self.  She pushes her sculpture around for a while then ends up having a breakdown in the bathroom.  Tate checks on her and she says she just wants to be alone.  Later Roy is able to comfort her and get her to come out of the bathroom.  Here’s hoping she knocks this out of the park (and Miranda gets kicked off)!

Sadly, the next morning Laura finds a note from Anime saying that she has decided to leave.  She says she didn’t expect to stay so long and at this point would give $100,000 just to see her family again.  I’m sad to see her go, especially since she was the last newbie standing, but I think it was the right decision for her.  Godspeed, Laney!  (Yes we know her name.)  I will be seriously pissed if Miranda is on bottom and is saved because of this though.

On Application Day Miranda is so far behind that she actually uses her model as labor.  Like has her model opening the mold, cleaning out the mold, spreading latex in the mold, drying the mold, painting his own arms and legs, everything! Roy makes a crack about the model perhaps being a contest next season with everything he’s learning today.

Bottom Look for Me: Miranda

Everything about this is a disaster and if Neville says anything positive it will be confirmation that they are sleeping together.

And, of course, he talked about the success of the makeup. They’re totally doing it.

Top Look for Me:  Laura

It’s also helped by the fact that she chose the most elfish looking model, but it was a total look and pretty damn flawless.

Judge’s Choice –  Tate


Eliminated – No one.

Because Neville is doing Miranda.  I hate everyone.

Other Thoughts:

  • Anime is so sad now!  Somebody needs to switch out her stash for the happy stuff!

  • Tate’s concept sketch looks sort of like Cheetara.

  •  Why in the Nordic Challenge would Miranda decide to channel the Mayans?

  • Miranda is so far behind and miserable.

  • Of course Laura has back up options.  She’s the best.


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