Parks & Rec going on hiatus…NBC is the worst.

So apparently amid the scheduling changes announced late last Friday, NBC somewhat slyly added that one of the best shows on television/only surviving Thursday night comedy from last year Parks & Recreation will be going on hiatus effective immediately.  Vulture’s theory is that NBC is trying to drive more viewers to it’s 9pm choke-fest Sean Saves the World by putting special programming that they expect to do better in the 8pm hour.

This is likely true, but I just don’t get it, NBC.  You have critically-lauded comedies with devoted (though small) audiences that you unceremoniously sacrifice to whatever TV god you worship in favor of total crap.  Last year I watched eight shows on NBC, while Parks and Rec is on hiatus that number will be reduced to one.  And, honestly, depending on the premiere of Grimm (the only surviving NBC show that I watch) that number may soon be zero.

I was sad when they ended The Office and 30 Rock, disappointed when they cancelled Go On and The New Normal, but I’ll be angry if they cancel Parks & Rec.  I’m watching you, NBC.


2 thoughts on “Parks & Rec going on hiatus…NBC is the worst.

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