How I Met Your Final Season – With Grave Disappointment

Following much debate between Jen and I, we’ve decided to abandon recapping How I Met Your Terrible and Disappointing Final Season. After watching the last episode in which absolutely nothing happened (and I threw a fit about how stupid the writers now think we are), it’s become a waste of time to try and care about how this show ends.

I don't care

Of course we’ll still watch it, but don’t expect to find any new recaps. Perhaps we’ll post a reaction gif or two, nothing more. What’s become of this final season is a tragedy and a shadow of what it used to be. The characters are not who they were for the past 8 years – watered-down cartoon versions now throw temper tantrums over thank you cards, reassure each other that they are madly in love in every sentence, and have broken every rule these writers carefully established. Ted can take that yellow umbrella and shove it up his butt.

up your butt

From The Husband:

And where the hell is the mother?! How do you premise an entire season of a show, of a series, and in the final season’s big reveal they’ve shown her once and now they’re just wasting time? Show the mother! Show the mother! The whole point is building her up so that the payoff works because they’ve built it up so much over the past 8 seasons, and now they’re not even resolving it…they’re wasting time with this nonsense about thank you cards. It would be ten times better if the season were 5 episodes long, cut out all the crap, and finally show us who the mother is and how they meet. End of story, successful show, no more bullshit.

my brain hurts


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