American Horror Story – Episode 2 – Black Don’t Crack

About half way through work I remembered that American Horror Story was coming on tonight and it made my day.  The episode didn’t disappoint – creepy, shocking and thought provoking.  I literally clapped with delight twice, and both my wife and I audibly sighed and asked for more when the credits rolled. Here are a few of my favorite parts, which let’s face it were practically all of them.

  • Even though I figured Lily Rabe would be back (pretty sure you can’t kill a necromancer even with fire), I was overly delighted when she appeared in the first scene of this episode.  Also, if you have the power to bring back the dead might as well use it to murder redneck alligator hunters with their own kills.

  • I absolutely adore the idea of the Human Voodoo Doll power.  It is such a new and interesting take on things.  I loved seeing Queenie’s origin story and was cringing as she thrust her hand in the oil.  Also, there was a lot of fried chicken in this episode.  Somebody needs to call Popeye’s for some product placement.

  • I know a lot of people are not fans of Emma Roberts, (Twitter’s heinous response to the gang rape from last episode is evidence of that) but I absolutely adore her and her character.  I have a soft spot for bitches and she plays it perfectly.  I’m sure she’ll be dead by season’s end, but I’ll enjoy her bitchiness while it lasts.

  • I also love that Madison wanted to pay back Zoe for sexing her rapist to death by rebuilding Kyle.  The entire storyline was perfect, from the gruesome morgue scene where they picked the parts to the trippy spell scene and Kyle’s return as a confused and angry Frankenstein’s monster.

  • There is a chance that Cordelia’s pregnancy storyline will end up lame (and let’s face it I would much rather watch Sarah Paulson make out with a scantily clad Emma Roberts than lame-o Josh Hamilton), but as of right now I’m invested.  As a couple in a similar situation, my wife and I can identify with the desperation Cordelia’s feeling after a year of trying to conceive.  At first, we agreed that if we had a magical option we would totally take it, but after the weird snake possession sex circle we’re not so sure.  As long as there’s no marriage with Satan, we’re probably still all in.  Also, Ryan Murphy clearly likes him some pregnant Sarah Paulson.  Just sayin.

  • I am so ready for witches vs. voodoo, and this episode was an excellent primer.  Angela Basset has been brilliant so far and I’m sure she’ll continue to be.  Fiona may be powerful, but as I’ve said before you don’t mess with voodoo.

Sure it’s only Episode 2, but I’ve been loving this season so far.  The only thing that is off is the character of Zoe.  She is incredibly whiney, and I’m totally over it.  Taissa Farmiga is a talented actress so we’ll see.  Next week marks the arrival of one of my least favorite people: Patti Lupone.  Here’s hoping for a bloody, satisfying and quick end to her character.


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