Face Off – Episode 10 Recap – Grim Grinning Ghosts

Foundation Challenge

Grim Reaper Challenge – Artists must create an original face for the faceless Grim Reaper.

Tate’s looks like a pug. Anime made Rob Zombie. Roy’s is very creepy with no mouth. Laura combined different pre-made prosthetic pieces to create a unique looking Grim Reaper.

Winner: Laura!!!

Suck it, everyone else!!

 Spotlight Challenge

Artists must create an original ghost character that is both scary and funny. This is an intimidating challenge, and I must say I’m glad Laura has immunity. To make something both scary and silly is a strange concept, and the only example Mackenzie and Vee could come up with is Beetlejuice, who is only creepy looking. Michael Keaton made it funny.

For looking so funny, Eddie is clueless on how to make something creepy/funny. He struggles with his initial design, which is some weird doctor. He changes to a 1920s baseball player with a bat sticking out of his head.

Everyone seems to be maintaining a pretty on time schedule. Also, Alana is gone, so no one is freaking out over nothing. Anime “wigs out” over her purple wig, but that seems to be the extent of the drama in the first two days. I feel like I’m watching another terrible episode of How I Met Your Mother with the amount of drama from nothing they’ve got going on.

Roy puts on his midget bodysuit and it is as awesome as it sounds.

Eddie makes some questionable choices on his character. Miranda has a freak out during last looks because her paint job is not finished. And it just looks terrible.

Top Look: Roy’s Midget Twins.

I just want to see him wear the costume again.


Bottom Look: Eddie’s Baseball Ghost.

Just no to everything about it.


Judges’ Choice: Roy’s Midget Twins.

Rightfully so. It was an excellent idea and finely executed.


Eliminated: Eddie.

No surprise because it sucked balls.


Random Thoughts:

Why did Eddie stick the baseball bat on the back of his character’s head?

why scrubs

Glen so wants to be Sweeny Todd. On crack.

sweeny todd

Tate’s is pretty bad ass. It looks like Woody’s pedophile uncle.

Rape time

Those judges better judge the shit out of that crappy purple Marie Antoinette.


It’s confirmed. Miranda is sleeping with Neville Page.

It is decided!

It is decided!

Glen and Vee nearly piss themselves over how much they love Laura’s make up. It’s so lovely to hear.

oh stop

Really Neville? What kind of criticism is “it could have been funnier”?


Between Eddie and Anime, I think we all know who’s going home.

go home

Who would’ve thought that Anime would be the last newbie left??

slow clap

The Husband: “Who’s that bald guy?”

Me: “That’s Neville.”

The Husband: “No. He’s Tom. I don’t like Tom.”

you suck


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