Face Off – Episode 9 Recap – Sinfully Delicious

Foundation Challenge
A waste of time at this point.

Spotlight Challenge
The artists must create a character that embodies one of the seven deadly sins, incorporating the corresponding color into their make up.
Yellow/Greed – Anime
Green/Envy – Eddie
Royal Blue/Lust – Miranda
Purple/Pride – Roy
Orange/Gluttony – Frank
Red/Wrath – Laura
Light blue/Sloth – Tate

Tate gets all giddy about the seven deadly sins and gets really intense in his design, spitting off information about Dante’s Inferno like he wants to marry it. Miranda whines about how she doesn’t know how to incorporate blue into her lust make up. Laura comes up with the creepy idea of her character angrily pulling back her own face.

Michael Westmore comes around and shits out some more pearls of wisdom – praise for Miranda’s idea, tweaks Laura’s use of blood, tells Eddie his make up makes no sense.

Frank goes all out for a FAT fat suit. Anime has no idea how to sculpt wrinkles. Tate has this weird concept of a man with a snake wrapped around him while the eye of God looks down on him. Yeah, he doesn’t even know what it looks like, and he’s the one making it.

Miranda has a panic attack, throws a temper tantrum at Frank, who yells at her that he’s busy and she storms off, almost crying because she can’t figure out the hose. I bow down to you, Frank. You did what we here at ASH have wanted to do – put Miranda in her damn place. Bitch, it’s an individual challenge. Deal.

Instead of calmin’ her tits and figuring out what wrong, she goes and whines to Tate, who caves and helps her out while he was in the middle of something. I’ve now lost respect for Tate. Roy even gives him a talking to, because Tate admits that he can’t say no. Man up, Tate.

Top look: Laura’s Face Ripping Wrath monster.
Damn the Husband’s night shift.

Bottom look: Frank’s Fat Guy.
It was just a lazy job all around.

Judge’s Choice:
Tate’s Weird Sloth/Entire Dante’s Inferno Representation.
As long as it wasn’t Whiney the Pooh, I’m fine with it.

I’m really sad to see Frank go. He has a lot of talent. And he yells at Miranda. I’m going to miss you, Frank.
all rooting for you

Random Thoughts
Easy on the sauce, Tate. Nobody cares that much about Dante’s Inferno except for pretentious freshmen in college.

I’m a little lost on why Anime’s Greed Character has to be old. Are only old people greedy?

Some are birds.

Some are birds.

Oh shit! Frank is not giving in to Miranda’s whining!!!
Oh shit

Miranda’s panic makes me happy. And Franks refusal to help her makes me elated.
dancing bear

I LOVE the “really?!?!” look Frank gave Tate as he walked over to help Miranda.

I don’t understand how Eddie’s Church head is envy.

Laura’s make up is TERRIFYING. Watching this alone was a mistake.
scared baby

Why do they like Tate’s sculpture? Why is Eddie safe? I don’t understand any of this anymore.


2 thoughts on “Face Off – Episode 9 Recap – Sinfully Delicious

  1. Remember in Season 4 (I think) where part of the prize was you got to be a guest lecturer at a make up academy? God I’m glad they’re not doing that again. Could you imagine if Miranda won? She’s the worst.

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