How I Met Your Final Season – Episode 2

Character Synopsis

We find Lily spending some time with Ted, speaking to him about revealing to everyone else that he’s planning on moving to Chicago. It’s revealed that Lily’s gorgeous rehearsal dress was destroyed in a sword fight between Marshall and Ted. As punishment, she makes them each wear something they don’t want to be caught dead in – Ted in the old-timey bathing suit, Marshall is decked out in Greenbay Packers gear. After she covers for Ted when Robin discovers the list, she tells Ted to say goodbye to the negative things that happened in New York. (Also, nice job continuing the Kennedy Treatment/Linus gag without making it overwhelming and stupid.)

Barney and Robin:
Barney and Robin contemplate what type of married couple they will be in 60 years. Afraid that they will be a quarreling old couple that never has sex, they desperately try to find a crazy public place to have sex. They accidentally find James’ hiding place, where James explains that the loss of spark what was ended his marriage (apparently now ignoring the fact that he cheated). He then sacrifices himself to the old people so that Robin and Barney can have time alone. They find themselves in a room and happen to hear an older couple going at it. They decide that that’s the kind of couple they want to be in 60 years, make disgustingly cute faces at each other, and shout the magic words, “Mandy Patinkin” to finally greet their families.

We find Marshall still on the road to Farhampton, now traveling (unwillingly) through Wisconsin. He and Daphne seem to get along fine, and she takes great joy in helping Lily dish out his punishment. Approx. 14 hours and 35 minutes left to go of this storyline!

Ted goes over his “Goodbye New York” list with Lily, revealing that everything except one item has been crossed off – have a final glass of scotch with Barney. Lily points out that he’s been avoiding Barney, and he needs to be supportive by celebrating with his best bro instead of saying farewell. He finally goes to meet Barney on the patio for their final scotch where Barney drops the bomb that he saw Ted with Robin at the carousel and Ted drops the $600 bottle of scotch Lily just stole from the liquor store.

What’s with that?

What’s with Ted’s LA trip not being acknowledged?

This is how I feel they ended the first episode.  You can't ignore that!

This is how I feel they ended the first episode. You can’t ignore that!

Sydney: I know they want to build up to it (it is the final season), but they are creating too many loose ends and story lines that are going to need conclusions. It was a big part of the first episode, and I want them to get to that conclusion faster. At least so I can stop being so damn angry with Ted.

Jen: Yeah they need to wrap that up quickly and get over sad Ted. Making Ted hold onto Robin for this long is making the whole season super uncomfortable for me.

What’s with Barney and Robin being so freaked out about what kind of old couple they will be?

Ugh, this was the only picture I could find of them from this episode.

Ugh, this was the only picture I could find of them from this episode.

Sydney: I feel like they’re making drama out of nothing. Robin and Barney didn’t really have any actual problems in this episode (unless you count trying to find a place to do it), and it got really annoying.

Jen: I know that Swarkles will probably make it in the long run, simply because they have a lot of fans and no one wants to end a show with two beloved characters divorced. BUT, I think if they actually stayed true to Robin and Barney’s characters, they would last less than five years as a married couple.

Sydney: Thanks for raining on the parade, Jen. I know you’re right, but let’s all play along with the perfect fantasy world they’re creating where every character flaw these two characters have had over the past 8 years has vanished because they “found each other”. Excuse me while I vomit now.

What’s with Ted avoiding Barney?

I just really wanted to use this gif.

I just really wanted to use this gif.

Sydney: OMG Ted, grow a pair. This goes back to Ted not being able to let go of Robin – just grow up and move on, Ted. Lily was completely right (as she usually is) that Barney needs Ted’s support more than anything, especially since they’re such close friends.

Jen: Definitely, they are making Ted weak and pathetic. Why would the Mother fall for Ted at this point? I can see the Mother going for Ted two seasons ago (ish), but right now no woman would even look twice at him.

What’s with not showing the Mother?

You made us like her, then you took her away!

You made us like her, then you took her away!

Jen: She’s a series regular so let’s use her! I actually found that I was missing her in this episode. I think she provides a light at the end of the miserable tunnel.

Sydney: Give us more Mother!!! You made us like her, so use her!!! You are right about the saddness train heading on through the neverending miserable tunnel. I think it would be more awesome if they had her more prominent in the background, like grabbing a drink at the bar behind Ted or just ending a quick meeting with Robin about the music before Robin goes over to say hi to Ted. Make it fun, writers!

What’s with Lily forcing Marshall to go full Cheesehead?

Cheesehead of SHAME!

Cheesehead of SHAME!

Jen: That’s just cruel! As a diehard Saints fan, I know that I was ever forced to wear full Falcons gear my skin would likely melt off. I’m just saying. Ted got to wear something that, let’s be honest, there’s a good chance he might have worn on his own. Poor Marshall was stuck in enemy territory wearing a cheese head and all! Not cool.Sydney: But they destroyed her dress!!!! And I must admit, that was a pretty awesome looking dress. Having them wear something they wouldn’t want to (although I agree with you about Ted in the old timey bathing suit) seemed an equal punishment. However, I think the writers could’ve been more creative with the punishment.


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