Face Off – Episode 8 Recap – Sexy Alien Circus

Foundation Challenge:

No foundation challenge this time.  We have too many sexy circus creatures to get through to waste time on such trivial things.

Spotlight Challenge:

Cirque Berzerk performs for the group and McKenzie explains that working together in teams of two they must create a dark and sexy alien circus performer.

Laura and Roy team up and it makes me super happy.  Anime and Alana team up and Alana exclaims that this is there challenge and they got it, but Anime is less than thrilled.  Tate and Frank team up, because they are standing next to each other and Miranda is left with Eddie, who I want to call Scott for some reason.  Blah.

McKenzie then drops the bomb that their performers will actually be performing so they need to take that into consideration as they design.

Michael Westmore comes around to impart his sage advise.  When he gets to Roy and Laura he says he likes Roy’s cowl, but Laura’s face isn’t sexy.  Laura curses and it is adorable.  While the face is well cone, I do have to agree with Mr. Westmore it’s not sexy.  Hopefully Laura will be able to turn this one around.

Miranda is worried about her cowl, because Frank said it looked the Angel of Death from Hellboy.  Don’t worry, Miranda, no matter what you do the judges will love you.

Alana and Anime start the episode as two peas in a pod, but the honeymoon passes and they end up like a married couple that doesn’t communicate anymore.  Seriously, at one point Anime says “I can’t read your mind right now.  I can’t see what’s in your head.”

As the judges discuss all the looks, it becomes super evident that Miranda is going to win yet again.  Glenn and Neville fall over themselves to compliment the make up.

Bottom Look for Me: Eddie and Miranda

The texture and paint job made the model look old.

Top Look for Me: Didn’t love any of them, but I guess Alana and Anime

I actually thought theirs ended up having a pretty cool paint job (though that could be my New Orleans love for purple, green and gold) and losing the cowl was definitely the right idea.

Judge’s Choice –  To no one’s surprise Miranda and Eddie

Miranda is the winner.  Eddie is just lucky to be there another week.

Eliminated – Alana

Anime has a breakdown like I’ve never seen before.  Its rather heart breaking.  Neville calls her sweetie and it kind of makes me punch him in the teeth.

Other Thoughts:

  • Tate’s poor finger!

  • Laura and Roy trying to make the alien sexier was hilarious.  I would watch a reality show of just the two of them.

  • Frank gives Miranda a compliment and she interprets it as a criticism.  Surprise.

  • Anime’s sketch looks like a green unicorn.

  • Anime and Alana really were fighting like girlfriends.  I hope they kissed and made up after Alana got kicked off.

  • I still can’t stand Miranda.

  • I really can’t stand Glenn either.  He is such a jerk.

  • I always get so worried when they criticize Laura.  TEAM LAURA forever!

  • Alright Laura time to step up your game!



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