How I Met Your Final Season – Episode 1

We here at Animal Style Hurricane have spent countless hours watching How I Met Your Mother – increasing our high fives, legendary moments, parktaking in Slapsgivings, and enjoying the ride of five friends in New York City. For the final season of HIMYM, we’ve decided to go with a different approach. We’ll be giving you a run down of what each character is up to, a “What’s with that?” section where we discuss the show, and our list of things we need tied up before Ted comes across the yellow umbrella.

Lily started out in a very annoying car ride with Ted out to Long Island, but had him drop her off at the train station because she couldn’t stand his ass anymore. Stressed out over the negative messages her mother-in-law was sending, Lily finds comfort in the Mother. She shares her cookies, gives Lily a shoulder to cry on, and lends her full support to this stranger she just met. Lily arrives at the location and, since Marshall is delayed, proceeds to drink with a gusto we’re kinda proud of.
thank you linus

Barney and Robin:
On their way to the location of the wedding, Barney and Robin go over their invited wedding guests, realizing that they have way too many wild cards. Turns out one of the wild cards just might be a cousin they are both related to. Nope, just a weird false alarm and an awkward portion of the episode.
Later on, we find out that his brother, James, is getting a divorce. Robin is afraid that the news of the divorce will hurt Barney. Barney learns the news from an intoxicated Lily and turns out, he’s fine. But Robin’s panic seems to indicate that perhaps she’s not.
limo throw up
Marshall still has not told Lily that he has accepted the judge position in NY. His mom posts a picture online announcing that he’s about to become a judge, which he immediately calls her to tell her to take it down. The writers have apparently made Marshall stupid for this season, and because he didn’t get off the phone, got him and the woman sitting next to him kicked off the flight. (You would think as a newly appointed judge, Marshall would be extra careful to say not get on a government watch list?) They end up at the same rental car place, where he trusts this woman to go buy a baby seat and come back for him and Baby Marvin, which she does. It’s an 18 hour drive to New York from the St. Paul Minnesota Airport. Let’s hope this storyline doesn’t get old as fast I expect it to.
Ted intentionally annoys Lily so that he can get to the wedding location first and give Robin a gift. Lily thinks it’s the locket Robin wanted, but it turns out it’s a photo of the gang (from the credits). Turns out the locket is in LA with Stella, and Lily makes him promise not to go looking for it. Everyone makes a big deal that Ted is the single guy at the wedding. We get a glimpse of Future Ted with the Mother, but we also see Ted buying a plane ticket to LA, with the implied intention of going to find the locket.

Douche move, Ted. You don’t get a gif.

What’s with that?

What’s with Robin being scared of Barney finding out his brother is getting divorced?

Sydney: Robin needs to get some confidence in her man. I can understand some of her hesitations and reservations because of the Barney we have known for the past 8 years (who is not this same Barney that we’re seeing now), but that is going to get real old, real quick.

Jen: Yeah, but consider her entire relationship with Barney especially leading up to their proposal. I mean look at their proposal it was a play out of his playbook! (I still haven’t forgiven him for choosing Ted’s big day to propose. That’s just a really shitty friend move.) Besides, it’s not like Barney hasn’t done the “changed man” act with not one, but two women directly before her. (Nora and Quinn) I do agree that if they keep playing it the way they currently are it will get old quickly, but at the same time girl’s got a point.

What’s with Marshall suddenly trusting everyone in the world?

She gets it from her husband.

Jen: We’ve seen Marshall’s midwestern values shine through for so long that wouldn’t it be more interesting for a hint of New Yorker to come through and startle everyone (especially him)? Also, I find it hard to believe that Barney would not have been able to arrange something to get him out of there. Which makes me think the better way to play out that storyline without making Marhsall look stupid (and with making Barney look awesome) would have been to have Barney organize Marshall’s car so that when Marshall got to the car rental place it seemed like there were no more cars, but he has a car waiting (because Barney set it up). That would have opened it up for him to chose to be nice to the extremely annoying lady thereby keeping his Midwestern values in tack without making him look like a dumbass.

Sydney: That’s would’ve been a great way to play up both of the characters strengths without dumbing down the characters themselves. It got to a point of ridunkulous when Marshall got kicked off the plane for not getting off the phone with his mom. I understand the frustration in not letting that be the way Lily finds out, but to the point of refusing to hang up while everyone is yelling at you?

What’s with Ted going to LA?

No, Ted, control your douchiness!

Jen: Wouldn’t it have been just the most amazing thing ever had they decided to drop the Ted still has a thing for Robin storyline in this episode? “Oh the locket is in LA, oh that would be crazy for me to go get it. What am I doing?” Done. They really should have dropped it.

Sydney: SCREW YOU TED. I know the writers are probably going to make it all better once he gets out to LA and realizes he’s being stupid, but the mere fact that he’s going to LA (implying that he’s going to find the locket) makes him a stupid face. What the hell is that going to achieve, Ted?!?! Going out of your way to get the locket for a girl who is marrying another guy is a shitty thing to do. You are not being a good friend. You are being an asshole to Barney and Robin and their marriage.

Jen: I like Ted, I sympathize with Ted, but this storyline has made me feel awkward since the beginning. I’m not a Robney/Barnin(?)(I looked it up it’s Swarkles which I love) fan by any means. In fact, I really don’t like them together, but saddling Ted with this storyline (especially so close to the end!) is really just hurting the show. Move on!

I want to like them together…I just don’t.

What’s with the fact that we may already know the ending of the Marshall/Lily storyline?

Jen: Well we know for a fact that Marshall does indeed become a judge so does that mean they’re going to be apart for a year? Does that mean that Marvin isn’t getting a brother or sister anytime soon? (Or possibly ever?!)

Sydney: Marshall and Lily are definitely having more kids, that I’m not worried about. It’s the resolution to the problem of who gets to fulfill their dreams and at what cost. Remember how Lily called off their first wedding and ran away to San Fran because she wanted to follow her dreams for once? I hope the writers don’t just patch it up with sappy emotions (aka The Barney Treatment), but with the real life upset it would cause. I might need the Kennedy Treatment myself to get through that.

What’s with James cheating on his husband?

Jen: I get it. He’s a Stinson, but not cool dude. You’ve got a kid!

Sydney: Screw you too, James. I’m not a big fan of cheating. Even in a story line. It’s a cop out.

James, we think you have a problem.

What’s with Robin possibly not telling Barney that she can’t have/doesn’t want kids?

Yeah there’s no “even if”, buddy.

Jen: In the limo he seemed to think it was still a possibility.  Has she not told him about her infertility issues?  Also she’s broken up with two guys because of the no kids thing.  Shouldn’t this have come up before the car ride to their wedding?

Sydney: I think the writers are constantly trying to prove Robin wrong about Barney and completely alter his reactions to every problem that arises. Eventually she’ll either have to come clean with her infertility issues or accept that Barney wants kids. Robin has a lot more problems than anyone is paying attention to.

What we need for closure:

  • The future of Barney and Robin’s marriage – Does it work out? Do they break up?
  • How many kids Lily and Marshall have.
  • Ted’s proposal.
  • Ted on his wedding day.
  • Ted on the day his kids are born.
  • A flash forward to the front porch (with the Mother).
  • A resolution to the Marshall/Lily conundrum.
  • Marvin holding one of Ted’s kids (how freaking cute would that be?).
  • The final slap.

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