Face Off – Episode 7 Recap – Boobs Boobs Boobs

Foundation Challenge:
Elvira stops by (because it’s Halloween time and she’s got nothing else going on) to help judge the Foundation Challenge – to reinvent an iconic make-up. Roy wins this one with a bat themed Elvira (hm, no surprise there.)

Spotlight Challenge:
Contestants each pick a genre of art and must create a living representation of that style of art. Here’s a list of the artists and styles;
Alana- Constructionalism.
Eddie- Impressionism
Laney- Pop Art.
Miranda- Cubism.
Laura- Cubism
Scott- Surrealism.
Roy- Expressionism.
Frank- Constructionalism.
Tate- surrealism.
At some point, Tate drops his mold on his finger and needs it sewn back on. Alana has no idea what constructionalism is (neither do I), but Michael Westmore comes along and offers some of his magical wisdom. The shoe seems to be on the other foot this week when Roy decides to go small and concentrate on the details while Tate goes for a gigantic lady/nature/castle monster. It’s as awkward as that description.
Miranda whines some more. I’m going to start a drinking game where you have to take a drink every time she whines that she doesn’t like her make-up. I’d be shit-faced well before Last Looks.
Scott draws inspiration from his dad, who had a “volcanic temper”, hence his character’s volcano face.
Everyone is rushing to paint during Last Looks as if they were Wayne(some of you will get that joke.)
Alana has a break down at the end of last looks, although she shouldn’t worry because some of those other pieces don’t look so hot. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Volcano face.)

Top Look: Laura’s Cubism Man
Her sculpture and paint skills shine in her use of squares as a 3D make-up. Also, GO TEAM LAURA!!!

Bottom Looks: Scott’s Volcano Dad
It was just strange and made me uncomfortable just looking at it.

Judge’s Choice: Laura’s Cubism Man
She totally deserved it. The overall silhouette and contrasting colors drew your eye immediately. Plus, she’s just overall awesome.

Eliminated: Scott and his Volcano Dad.
I agree. It was poorly put together and had way too many elements incorporated. And he had an ugly Volcano face.Random Thoughts:
This is one boob-tastic episode.
I wonder where they keep Elvira for the other 11 months out of the year that are not October. She has to be frozen somewhere. That’s an area of Universal Studios Backlot I’d like a tour of – Elvira’s “Sleeping” Chamber.

Oops, that's Johnny Depp's chamber.

Oops, that’s Johnny Depp’s chamber.

Miranda vs. Laura at Cubism? Bring it on.
break you
I’m going to lose my shit if Miranda keeps complaining about how much she does not like her make-up.
shut the f up
WTF is with Tate’s Surreal Tree lady thing?!?!
I’m now determined to find out who Miranda is banging to get top looks every week. I bet it’s Neville.
neville page
Seriously, lots of boobs everywhere.
slightly overwhelmed
Volcano Dad looks like he got paper cuts on his face. It’s yuck.
Anime Girl’s Pop art person looks good…from the neck down. More pretty colors, less political messages.
Alana, you stress over nothing. Get a grip, girlfriend!
get your shit together

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