Face Off – Episode 6 Recap – Halloween Comes a Month Early

Foundation Challenge:

The designers have a single item in a box that is supposed to inspire a character.  Valli O’Reilly, who did make-up for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events, is the judge and says that she doesn’t want cartoon-y.

Yes, I can see her aversion to cartoon-y.

In the box are different types of teeth.  They have two hours to create their character.  The top looks are Tate’s Don Quixote-esque hobo with nicotine stained teeth, Roy’s tumor covered reptile boy and Miranda’s kidnapped salve with wired teeth.  The winner is Roy and I can’t say that I disagree.  He created a complete character in the given time and used a cool technique to come up with his concept.

Spotlight Challenge:

The artists walk into a fog-covered studio, where Mackenzie announces that they will be doing a Halloween inspired challenge.  They must take a classic costume – vampire, clown, scarecrow, skeleton and devil – and bring it to life as a creature of the night.

Miranda keeps saying she hopes she doesn’t get the skeleton, but is the last one to choose.  So of course she gets the skeleton and the bitterness is palpable.  I laughed a little.

To spice it up a bit they are also required to add a trick element to the character.

Roy as always decides to go big, but at least he has immunity so he can do whatever without working about being eliminated.

Miranda complains some more about having the skeleton, because you can’t get away from the human anatomy.  For example, skeletons don’t have noses, but you can’t cut off a model’s nose. That is an actual complaint that she has.

Finally coming upon an idea for a concept, she awkwardly asks Lyma about Dios de los Muertos.  It’s as embarrassing as it sounds.

Rick struggles with his mold and ends up with a huge crack.  His cowl is then torn in several places and it’s application day.  He has no other choice, but to hope for the best.

Anime Girl is making a clown that can pull out its own intestines.  It is highly assuming to hear her talk about this in her typical deadpan way. She makes the decision to use actual cotton candy for hair, but, as Roy points out, she clearly hasn’t thought it through since cotton candy melts at high temperatures.

Bottom Look for Me:

So many to choose from this week!

Definitely my bottom three are: Anime Girl’s melted clown, Lyma’s terrible vampire and Alana’s cat/rabbit thing.

But in the end there must only be one and I think it has to be Lyma.

Top Look for Me:

Tate’s skeleton with the beating heart.  It was very creepy and had the best effect out of the group.

Judge’s Choice – Tate and I wholeheartedly agree!

Eliminated – Lyma and, again, I wholeheartedly agree.  She was nice, but definitely not as talented as the other artists.

Other Thoughts:

  • Tate calls Miranda a prodigy and I sprained an eye muscle rolling my eyes.

  •  Boo?  Oh Neville you’re so silly.
  • Frank’s scarecrow looked good until the eyes turned on.

  • I don’t really understand Laura’s vampire concept, but it was well done and I love her.

  • None of the effects were very big, except maybe Roy’s wings, but I don’t really consider wings an effect.

  • They need new presentation music.

  • Miranda’s skeleton was a mess.  But with as much of a critical darling as she is, I was half expecting her to win.

  • Anime Girl is in the top?!  I’m so confused.


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