Face Off Episode 5 Recap – Mother Nature Is Pregnant With Bunnies

Foundation Challenge:
None. Apparently we’re too good for that this week.

Spotlight Challenge:

Original Mother Nature Goddess that includes a feature of their own mother. Everyone has very emotional connections and inspirational, except for RJ, whose only inspiration from his mother is her 60’s hairdo. Frank is actually having the toughest time with this challenge, having to deal with his dad’s recent death and his mom’s current fading health.

RJ looks around and sees that he’s making a cartoon – nothing close to the other realistic Mother Natures around. Anime Girl is nearly unrecognizable without the 3 tons of make up on her face. Tate accidentally/”accidentally” rips off the head of her mannequin while helping her pull out her mold.

Anime Girl’s model decides that she is getting sick and leaves home girl in the dust, not letting her finish up her make up. The model does make it on stage, and I kinda wish she would’ve barfed on the judges feet just to prove that she was getting sick.

Top look for me: Laura’s Orchid and Trumpet Flower
Nice use of shading and texture, with appropriate fabrications. Her color palette is also extremely beautiful. TEAM LAURA!

Bottom look for me: Eddie’s Mother Warrior Goddess
Eddie’s make up looks like it wants to rape me in the tree trunk.

Judges choice:
LAURA!!!! Simply the best.

You have chosen...wisely.

You have chosen…wisely.

Eliminated: RJ’s 60’s Mother Nature.
I totally agree. His attitude toward the challenge was “I’ve done this before, I don’t have to do it again.” Bitch, you thought wrong.

Random Thoughts:

Why is Alana suddenly the voice for everyone?

Why is Lyma still here????
why are you still here

WTF is with the bunny in the pregnant belly. W. T. F.

Why does Alana sound like she’s coming from deeper and deeper within the Bronx? I feel like she’s going to suddenly show up in an interview segment in a track suit, 300 pounds heavier, and a man.

Glen looks like the Goblin King’s ugly forgotten brother. Magic does not dance for him.
dance magic still

Glen, you remind me of the babe…


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