Face Off – Episode 4 Recap – In the Dark No One Can See

Foundation Challenge:

There is no Foundation Challenge this week; instead we are subjected to Laura sadly feeding goldfish in a coy pond.  Oh Laura, don’t be so sad!

Spotlight Challenge:

The first individual challenge!  Create a subterranean creature inspired by some underground tunnel.  They venture into the tunnel which has plenty of creepy rooms to hopefully stimulate their creative brains.  These rooms include a tentacle and ink room and a chain and electricity room.

Back at the Design Studio, Miranda complains that other people had the same unoriginal idea that she did, and I continue to hate her.

Despite the fact that Laura is one of those people with the same (or at least a similar) idea to Miranda’s, she devotes herself to trying to make hers distinct and original rather than complaining about it.

Roy goes too big and ends up having to scrap his idea.  He describes his design at final looks as a mess and says he knows he’s on bottom.  Both of those things are true.

Bottom Look for Me: A Tie!

Adolfo – His looks looks like a Freddy Krueger mask that he bought from the Halloween store and then badly repainted.

Lyma – It looks like a skinless cat dressed like a Native American.

Top Look for Me: No one.

Once again I didn’t absolutely love any of them.  I liked Frank’s make-up, but not his styling.  I didn’t think it was really a complete make up.  I liked Laura’s, but again thought her styling was completely off base. Despite my hatred of Miranda, I did like her nipples on her mole rat.  Same with Anime girl and the cockroaches in the wounds of her creature.

Judge’s Choice – Miranda…again. I hate her so much.  I can’t even handle it.

Eliminated – Adolfo.  Rightfully so, but I will miss his little Puerto Rican face.

Other Thoughts:

  • Oh shut up Miranda you probably didn’t even know who that chubby gay man was before they explained it to you.

  • Roy wore a hardhat instead of his cowboy hat and was almost unrecognizable.

  • Of course creepy anime girl wants to get Alana out of her shirt.

  • Oh hey curly haired Eddie.  I forgot you existed.  You look like someone I once dated.  I’m glad you’ll probably be going away pretty soon.

  • Alana has straight hair, what?!

  • Dear Face Off, stop trying to push the whole hashtag thing.


  • Laura looked so sad when Miranda was announced as the winner…

  • I think I may hate Miranda more than creepy anime girl.

  • If Miranda wins again I just…I can’t.


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