Face Off – Episode 3 Recap – Terrifying Whimsy

Foundation challenge
Inspired by Insidious Chapter 2, the contestants must transform their male model into a female demon. As Alana correctly put it, “a demon drag challenge.” Roy had the brilliant idea to vacuum seal plastic over a female head cast and use that over the male model’s painted face to alter his entire face. Bald dude with the shark tooth necklace made a very creepy white to black geometric looking demon. Roy won the foundation challenge, as he should have.

Spotlight Challenge – Double Elimination

Challenge this week is to use Mother Goose stories as inspiration for modern characters, with a whimsical twist. Contestants are paired up, but get to pick their own partners.

Roy goes all fangirl and screams out that he picks RJ, like he’s freaking Katniss volunteering for the Hunger Games. Laura teams up with Frank, Anime chick pairs with Alana, and we really don’t care about anyone else.

Alfonso gets all Puerto Rican flustered (I married one. It’s a thing that actually happens.) Lucky for him, Laura comes and saves the day for him by helping him pry out his mold.

Michael Westmore gives some awkward advise about Alana and Anime girl’s pig boobs. Apparently, they weren’t pointy enough.

Bottom Look: Eric and Shark Tooth Crooked Man

He just looked like Freddy Kruger’s brother. Who was hit by a bus.
Crooked man

Top Look: RJ and Roy’s Cat/Fiddle

Since the challenge was whimsical Mother Goose characters, this embodied everything about that challenge. Damn them and their creative fabrication.
cat fiddle

Judge’s Choice: Tate and Miranda’s Pumpkin Eater. Miranda won.

I don’t agree. That thing was frightening, not whimsical. I will probably have a nightmare about that thing tonight.
pumpkin eater

Eliminated: Shark Tooth and Eric.

As long as it wasn’t Laura, I was happy to see any of them go home.

Random Thoughts:
In honor of the VMAs, all of my reactions are brought to you by Taylor Swift.

Why does Glenn’s bottom half look completely different from his top half? He looks like he was sculpted by two different people.
confused taylor

“This little piggie sizzles.” Ew, Neville Page. Ew.
taylor swift what

Noooooooo! Laura (and Frank) are on bottom looks!!
Absurd taylor

Oh no, Little Brother screwed up. Again.
angry taylor

Not Laura, not Laura, not Laura, not Laura….

Screwed up enough to get eliminated. Yikes.
whew taylor


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