Face Off – Episode 2 Recap – Robbed Again

Foundation Challenge:

None this week.  We’re jumping right in!

Spotlight Challenge:

The designers are tasked with creating a Frankenstein’s monster and his bride from the future.  The top characters will be featured in Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights event. They are randomly put into teams.

Miranda immediately shows her true colors by being extremely condescending to the two newbies assigned to her team.  She honestly just rubs me the wrong way.

Poor Laura gets put with Alana and that horrible girl who I just can’t deal with and continues to be completely lovely.

The guest judge is the guy who did the Underworld series and a new movie called I, Frankenstein, which looks like it might be just adding Frankenstein’s monster into the already existing franchise.  He has this incredibly raspy voice and looks like he should be the villain in the next Riddick movie.

There are lots of emotions and bitchiness happens.

Bottom Look for Me: Miranda, Sam and Eddie

What was that?  Why were they dressed like a weird Futuristic Zombie Dominatrix?

Top Look for Me: Alana, Laura and Stupid Face Anime

I think they had the most unified look with the most clean and professional work.  They were also instantly recognizable, but still a new take.

Judge’s Choice – Alana, Laura and Stupid Face Anime!!!!

But the top winner is Alana and that is just bullshit.

Laura!!, the annoying red head and she who shall not be named.

Laura!!, the annoying red head and she who shall not be named.

Eliminated – Sam (if you can even remember who that is).

I think they were right on again with the elimination.  Her swollen bulb head Bride of Frankenstein was clearly the bottom.  In terms of seeing her go I honestly have no emotions about this.  I agree with the judge’s decision and probably won’t remember this person (Sam, was it?) by next episode.

Other Thoughts:

  • With all the plastic surgery, Mackenzie kind of looks like Bride of Frankenstein.


  • Insidious 2 is kind of ubiquitous right now.  There seemed to be about 19 commercials for it during the show, but my favorite ad is still the product placement from Pretty Little Liars that went something like this:

(Trailer plays on the TV)

Main Character:  Insidious 2 looks really scary.

Main Character’s Beefy Love Interest: Yeah, but really good.  Did you see Insidious 1?

Main Character: Like 4 times!  But 2 looks even better!

Main Character’s Beefy Love Interest: Great, I’ll bring you on a date to see it when it opens in movie theaters on September 13th!


  • I really enjoyed the fact that Tate helped out Laura because he one day wants help from her.  Even the other contestants know that she’s the best.  Tate’s a smart kid.


  • What is Glenn wearing?  He looks like the sad chubby vampire who ate Hugh Hefner and took his jacket.


  • Seriously, what is the Underworld guy’s voice?  I didn’t really like him and disagreed with a lot of his opinions.


  • I enjoyed Roy’s concept, but like always too big and too messy.


  • Where do they get the costumes from?


  • The paint job on Tate, RJ and Lyma’s Bride of Frankenstein is absolutely horrendous.


  • Oh Little Brother.  Stop fucking up.  We like you.


  • At the end of the Judge’s reviews I said to Melissa: There’s no way that Laura can’t win this week!  Melissa responded, There’s always a way for Laura not win.  And she didn’t win.  Fucking Alana.  Such fucking bull shit.



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