Face Off – Episode 1 Recap – Trollin’

Foundation Challenge:

The Newbies were invited to a costume party where Mackenzie revealed the twist of the season – that they would be battling against Vets – in perhaps the weirdest way possible.  They then had to choose a member from the costume party and create an original character based on their costume.  The guest judge was the lady who directed Twilight and she is exactly how you would image the awkward middle aged woman who directed Twilight would be. 

Tate, Roy and Laura are the top looks.  Tate did an intense princess who has been kidnapped by an evil sorcerer who replaced her heart with a poisoned spikey locket heart.  Laura did a Queen from the underworld with some beautiful airbrushing, and Roy ulitized his model’s pencil drawing-like costume to create a character that looks like it came off the page.  I am forever and always Team Laura, but I probably would have picked Roy’s character just because I’d love to write a play around it.  However, I understand why Tate won since he is the only one who actually created a complete character with a full backstory.

Spotlight Challenge:

The Veterans and the Newbies are pitted against each other in teams and tasked with creating five stylized fantasy characters – a witch, an ogre, a troll, a faun and a pixie.

The Veterans definitely won. Hands down.

The Faun was the only one I actually liked (kind of) from the Newbie’s collection.  The fact that it was made by the worst new contestant makes me sad.

Bottom Look for me: The Newbie’s OGRE!! 

I agreed with pretty much everything the judges said about this hideous thing.  It looked like something I would have tried to make in 8th grade Art (which I was terrible at anyway) and the fact that Rick the Stick gave himself a 7.5 is just pathetic.

Top Look for Me: Laura’s Witch

Though honestly I didn’t love any of them.  Laura’s work is always clean and professional.

Judge’s Choice – Miranda

Ugh.  Not a fan.  I like the Pixie’s ears, but not worthy of a win.  Also how many cigarettes does that girl smoke to get that rasp?

Eliminated – Rick the Stick!  (Real Name: Tolan) 

So glad that this happened.  I seriously don’t have time for obnoxious untalented minor Glee characters.

Other Thoughts:

  • TEAM LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Laura Tyler

    Our favorite contest with Team Laura’s mascot – Zombie Mad Hatter.

  • Seriously? The Twilight lady?!

I make shitty movies and now I’m going to pretend I’m qualified to judge your make up competition.

  • It was really kind of messed up that they put all the newbies in one room filled with pictures of the Veterans past work.


  • There was one girl whose name I can’t even remember because every time she came on screen I had a visceral reaction of like No, no, no.


  • Really guys. Can’t you do a new example for when they explain the molding process?  I’m tired of looking at the weird alien.


  • Glenn just keeps looking weirder.  Like what is his hair doing?


  • Tate’s Troll had a bloody fetus?!


  • I don’t understand why Rick the Stick is on this show?

    Separated at birth.

  •  Neville is getting bitcher the longer he is a judge.

    I hate everything you did!

  • The Vets are kind of blowing the Newbies out of the water.



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